Freshman Follies brings mystery to the campus stage

follies 2019_braden Wade-3.jpg

Braden Wade/ The Bison 

Freshman Follies is an annual OBU tradition; this year, “Clueless” took place Saturday October 12. SGA president Clayton Myers “dies” on stage.

Morgan Jackson

Arts Editor

There was a mystery in the air Saturday, Oct. 12.

That evening Cam- pus Activities Board presented their second show of the semester: Freshman Follies, directed by Zachary Hamilton and Shelby Thompson.

The skits were written by Josh Spears, Brittany Poe and Aniessa Edsall. The show was entitled “Clueless” and revolved around the story of a murder-mystery taking place at a large mansion, resulting in the death of a character called The President.

Between moments in the larger story, five talented acts brought their musical talents to the Potter Auditorium stage.

The overall feel of this year’s show was perfect for the fall weather, with a sense of mystery in the air.

The show opened with what seemed to be a harmless dinner party, attended by some very unusual, theatrical guests. Each of these guests were portrayed by six talented freshmen.

Justin Glover played the role of the Butler of the house, who was motivated by his family’s loyalty to the house and a strange but funny fixation on Keebler cookie products.


Carsten Kates brought an old friend of the president to life as he performed. His character enjoyed golf and attended OBU with the president.

Valerie Berry played the role of a Neighbor who was at the house that night to have dinner. She was welcome at the house whenever the lights were on, by word of The President.

Jaxon Vancuren played Brad, the son of the deceased President. He was committed to his character: a seemingly mindless college student, until his emotional depth is shown in the latter half of the show.

Carson Horinek portrayed the handyman of the house. He worked hard for the family and was growing tired of Brad’s mischief.

Finally, Vicki Coolidge played the role of one of Brad’s professors, obsessed with her many, many cats.

The combination of these odd characters made for a very intriguing, funny night, and the mystery of the president’s murder was solved by the end of the show.

Between all of the murder-mystery chaos, musically talented freshman brought their best performances to the stage.

Ellie Huff and Caylin Chlouber gave a wonderful, thoughtful performance.

Their voices blended together beautifully and made for a wonderful start to the talent acts of the show.

Later, Jared North accompanied himself on the piano while singing a lovely song.

The emotion was evident in his voice, and the audience was held captive by his vocal quality.

Andrew Roberts and Cason West both played guitar and sang. The crowd in the room was very obviously engaged in their performance. Roberts impressed with his skill on the electric guitar.

Caleb Finch also gave a wonderful performance.

Connor Eshelman and Makayla Freeman gave a dramatic, stunning performance of “Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables. The audience reaction to this duo was very great as well.

Overall, the caliber of performances this year was elevated.

As the show progressed, the audience learned about the motivations of the characters and how they felt about the others.

The opening video showed each of the characters hiding suspicious objects around the house that were brought up in later interviews.

Each character had the opportunity to explain themselves, and it led to even more depth and comedy for each character.

The writing of the skit was very good and suited the nature of the theme well.

The stage band gave great performances of some chilling songs. Each song fit the con- text of the show very well.

The thought behind song selection was evident. At the end of the show, the audience took a vote to see who the most suspected guest at the party was.

In the end, the professor, played by Vicki Coolidge, was to blame and was arrested.

For those interested in joining the Campus Activities Board, applications will be available following Fall Free Days.




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