‘Blind Date with a Book’ gives students a break from finals

By Loren Rhoades, Assistant Features editor

Monday Dec. 3, Mortar Board hosted the first annual Blind Date with a Book fundraiser.
Mortar Board is a national honor society for senior students who exemplify scholarship, leadership and service.
They use these characteristics to serve the community as well as OBU’s campus.
Senior cross-cultural ministry major and vice president of Mortar Board, Sarah Lee, said they started planning the event after hearing about it from another chapter.
The event was held in the WMU lobby and there, students could pay five dollars for any wrapped book of their choosing and sit back to enjoy a great read.
Christmas-themed snacks, coffee and hot chocolate were also provided.
Every book sold at Monday night’s fundraiser was donated by a different professor on campus.
“When I get a new book I just think, ‘oh my gosh I get to go on this new adventure, so I’m excited to see other people get to do that,” senior family and community service major Caitlyn Crosby said. “Hopefully this can be a reoccurring event, something that people can be looking forward to each year.”
The main goal of Blind Date with a Book was to give students a break from cramming for finals and to let them have some time to relax while gaining a new book.
“My overall goal is that students would just come and have a good time, and that it would be a good break for those who need one,” Lee said.
The committee for the event worked hard to give students a time of rest and are working to continue events like this in the future.
“It’s really cool that we get to facilitate a time for students to relax in the midst of finals week and not only do we get to help with that, but we get to raise money for our club to more events on campus too,”

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