Gambo Moves from Nigeria to Bison Hill

By Mya Hudgins, Assistant Arts Editor

Oklahoma Baptist University welcomes a new professor to the College of Theology and Ministry.

Dr. David Gambo will be a new professor in the Hobbs College. He was also installed as the second recipient of the Reverend A.E. and Dora Hughes Chair of Christian Ministry.

“I was born in the mission field in Nigeria, where my parents were serving as missionaries with the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust (a Wycliffe Bible Translators organization),” said Gambo. “I professed faith in Christ when I was eight years old. Walking by faith and loving Jesus has always been my Christian conviction. God called me to the ministry when I was in my freshman year in college. After college, I served with a church for three years before enrolling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for theological training.”

Many students have seen his passion and love for Christ in the classroom, but he might offer a different perspective on ministry because his ministry started across the world.

“I love having Dr. Gambo as my professor,” student Bayleigh Platter said. “He is so passionate and in love with Christ and it really shows in and out of the classroom. I believe he can add a special point of view considering he is from a different part of the world. “On the first day of class he reflected on what it was like to be back in Nigeria, and how things differentiated from things here in America within the churches and his ministry. He made it clear that although things were slightly different there, the message he is spreading never changes.”

Gambo has been in the ministry for 16 years now, starting back in 2002. As his ministry has changed from a church to a classroom setting, he is excited about being a part of the journey that the students are endeavoring.

“I’m excited to work with great men and women at OBU,” said Gambo.“The opportunity to influence and prepare students to fulfill their calling and vocation. It would be a great joy and delight for me to prepare the next Billy Graham or Lottie Moon.”

Dr. Heath Thomas, Dean of the College of Theology and Ministry, has high standards for professors in the Hobbs College.

“A professor in Hobbs College must be ready to engage students and mentor them day-in-and-day-out,” said Dean Thomas. “A unique aspect of teaching in Hobbs College, in comparison to seminaries and Bible Colleges, is our opportunity to prepare ministers in a well-rounded and fully-orbed liberal arts curriculum. As a result, our professors are drawing connections between theological realities and the real world.”

As these standards are set high, Gambo has reached them. Dean Thomas is more than excited to have him in Hobbs College on Bison Hill.

“When our colleagues met Gambo, they were struck by his warmth and winsome demeanor,” Dean Thomas said. “Dr. Gambo’s passion for the Lord and unique academic and ministry gifting makes him a fit for our faculty at Hobbs College. His passion for Jesus, his scholarship, his deep spirituality, and real-life ministry skills in diverse contexts will add great value to our students.

“I believe he will influence our students to embrace a vision for ministry that blends world-class scholarship, spiritual passion, and practical skills.”

With the big transition to Shawnee, Gambo has already created some favorite memories alongside his wife, Sarah, and four-month-old son, Elijah, on Bison Hill.

“Welcome week is my favorite thing so far, I enjoyed seeing the rich traditions that OBU has, said Gambo. “In the Hobbs College, I have [also] enjoyed the camaraderie among the family.”

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