CAB hosts Barnum and Biggie this weekend

By Chelsea Weeks, News Editor

There’s ‘Never Enough’ time in the week to create memories with friends.
Saturday, September 15, CAB will be presenting Barnum and Biggie in Raley Chapel at 8:00p.m., the doors open at 7:30p.m.
The emcees for the show are Josh Spears, Carly Miller, Kira Spoo, Jake Power and Meghan Bowers.
Co-directors, senior biology major, Jonathan Ball and senior communications major, Josh Pumphrey said the inspiration for this year’s show came
from the movie, the Greatest Showman.
“The first thing that really got the ball rolling on this theme idea was when we saw the Greatest Showman,” Ball said. “We’ve both been involved in CAB so whenever we have something like that that sticks out to us that is really cool we start to think how we could apply that to CAB.”
Pumphrey was a co-director for last year’s Biggie and pitched the idea of a circus-themed show but was ruled out due to the idea being underdeveloped. Pumphrey said the Greatest Showman helped the CAB crew come up with new ideas, characters and songs.
“It helps a lot to have something that people can relate too and recognize,” Ball said.
As the big night creeps closer, Pumphrey and Ball said they are looking forward to the entrance of the start of the show.
“It’s going to be different and it’s going to be exciting,” Pumphrey said. “I think people are going to appreciate the hard work that we, the emcees, our stage band and CAB in general have put into the first five to 10 minutes. I think it’s going to be very exciting, so don’t be late.”
Biggie is an OBU tradition that is brought to students through the efforts of the student organization CAB.
“CAB shows are a big deal and I think it helps with students see that we can all come together and do something cool and big,” Ball said. “It takes a lot of support, not just from the CAB students, but from everyone to put on a CAB show. It takes time and money and effort to do shows that are as big as Biggie.”
Ball and Pumphrey said they hope those who attend the show will create new memories and want to become involved in CAB.
“Especially for the freshman that are just getting here that they’ll be excited for the kinds of things that OBU student can do and like to do,” Ball said. “That’s one of the biggest aspects of Biggie is to introduce all the freshman to CAB, shows and campus life in general. It’s a way to give people a reason not to go home and just stay together and hang out.”

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