OBU hosts annual Late Night Breakfast, May 14

By Chelsea Weeks, News Editor (Courtesy photo/Heather Horner)

With looming deadlines and coffee-induced study sessions, it’s no secret that finals season is coming. However, there is a calm before the storm.

Monday, May 14th at 10 p.m., OBU hosts the annual Late Night Breakfast in the cafeteria.

The purpose of Late Night Breakfast is to not only celebrate the end of the semester, but also give faculty and staff the chance to serve the student body.

“[Late Night Breakfast] is a unique experience that helps define OBU,” assistant dean of students Melissa Stroud said. “It is just one of many examples of positive connections between our students and our faculty and staff. At Late Night Breakfast, we are the Bison family celebrating with each other.”

The food and drinks for the evening are contracted through Chartwells.

It is on a volunteer basis, and the invitation is open to all faculty and staff.

“We invite faculty and staff to serve and our student development team contributes to the other roles of emcee, welcome, cleanup, etc.,” Stroud said.

Lindsey Panxhi, assistant professor of English, has volunteered for Late Night Breakfast and said the only downside is having to wear a hairnet.

“I like to be involved as much as possible with campus life, and Late Night Breakfast is a fun, unique opportunity to get involved,” Panxhi said. “I know finals is a very busy and stressful time for students, so I’m happy to be part of a fun event that gives them a break from their (surely) diligent studies.”

Late Night Breakfast not only provides students a chance to take a break from studying, but also gives faculty a chance to meet new people as well.

“From faculty perspective, Late Night Breakfast is a neat way for those of us who are in different departments to work together,” Panxhi said. “Often, faculty get so busy that we don’t get to spend time with colleagues in other disciplines, so I always enjoy seeing and working with fellow faculty from across campus,” she said.

“Also, Late Night Breakfast is great for OBU because it’s in many ways the last big event of the semester (besides graduation), and it brings together students for both fun and fellowship.”

Late Night Breakfast is a long-standing tradition that makes an impact with everyone on Bison Hill.

“I love seeing the students excited to be together, taking a moment to pause and enjoy the company of others during a stressful week,” Stroud said. “It is also great to watch the staff and faculty willingly serve in this way. Everyone has a great time.”

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