RAWC hosts Lunch ‘N Learn April 30 over Debt Freedom

By Chelsea Weeks, News Editor  (Courtesy photo/Creative Commons)

It isn’t rare for a student to have an empty stomach or wallet. Next week, students will have the opportunity to change that.

Monday, April 30 at 12 p.m. in the RAWC Event Room, the RAWC is hosting another Lunch N’ Learn event. Jason Leech, a Communications Federal Credit Union representative, will be presenting the topic, “Debt Freedom.”

“The purpose of the Lunch N’ Learns is to spread awareness of wellness on campus not only to the employees but students as well,” wellness coordinator of the RAWC, Lindsay Mitchell said. “We want to create a healthier campus at OBU and Shawnee as well,” she said.

Food will be provided by Chick-fil-a and will include chicken nuggets, salad, cookies, lemonade and tea.

Beyond the ability to receive a free meal, the benefits of the Lunch N Learn include hearing information that address a variety of financial issues that students may face.

“Students should attend this luncheon because they will learn how to manage their student loan debt and other debt they may have,” Mitchell said. “It will help guide them once they graduate and reduce the stress.”

Mitchell and Andy Wooldridge, RAWC director, plan these Lunch N ‘Learns to help students within all aspects of life outside the classroom.

“College is a fun, yet stressful time in student’s life,” Mitchell said. “Having a representative from a local bank to extend his knowledge and experience to those that need guidance financially may have significant impact on one’s journey while in college.”

Previous Lunch N’ Learns have focused on the well being of the human body; however, this Lunch N’ Learn will focus on a new form of health.

“We try to encompass all areas of wellness whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, financial or environmental,” Mitchell said. “This time our focus is on financial wellness.”

This will be the last Lunch N’ Learn of the spring semester and spaces are limited. Students can email Lindsay.mitchell@okbu.edu and RSVP to save a seat at the luncheon.

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