By Michael Stewart, Assistant Sports Editor   (Courtesy Photos/Clay Phillips)

Oklahoma Baptist University hosted the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) annual basketball tournament Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3.

BCM is a network of Baptist collegiate ministries from across the nation whose mission is to connect college students to God through Jesus Christ.

This event is a statewide Baptist College Ministry basketball tournament that allows individuals involved in BCM around the state to connect through a little friendly competition.

“The tournament is a great way for new connections and reconnections,” BCM director of Rogers State University Shannon Cross said.

The event has been going on for many years at a number of different locations. This year at OBU, the tournament included a men’s and women’s bracket. The men’s bracket was made up of 16 different teams, and on the women’s side of the bracket, there were seven different teams.

The tournament is structured so that every team plays a game Friday night. Depending on the result, the teams will then be placed in the winners or losers bracket of the tournament.

“This tournament always has a special positivity about it,” Cross said. “This year featured a great amount of good sportsmanship between teams, and I felt like it was a huge success.”

Both the men’s and women’s teams from OBU put their homecourt advantage to good use; both teams won championships.

Girls BCM Team