College of Fine Arts to present Fine Arts Showcase Oct. 27

Kendra Johnson, Arts Editor

Oklahoma Baptist University College of Fine Arts will present a Fine Arts Showcase on Friday Nov. 27 at 8:30 p.m., in Raley Chapel.

The showcase is an opportunity for the College of Fine Arts to show the OBU community its work and achievements and will feature numerous performances from many groups and programs within the College of Fine Arts, ranging from Jazz, to classical, to musical theatre, to art displays. The event will also include the work and performances of some of the College of Fine Arts alumnus.

“Formerly called “Homecoming Gala,” the Fine Arts Showcase is a concert event that displays the wonderful and diverse talent of the students in the College of Fine Arts,” wrote Dr. Christopher W. Mathews, dean of the Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts. “This year’s program will include performances by the Bison Brigade, University Chorale, the Bisonettes, the Bison Glee Club, and the OBU Jazz Orchestra. In addition, there will be a “sneak peek” of Addams Family, which opens the same weekend. We also try to feature the work of alumni and will have a group of alumni handbell ringers, under the direction of retired music professor, Mary Kay Parrish, performing several selections. In addition, some lovely pieces by our art faculty will be on display in the foyer of Raley Chapel and we will distribute a special edition of the Bison to our guests.” 

The performance is also an opportunity for the College of Fine Arts for those outside the College of Fine Arts to see what involvement with the many programs within the college are like.

“The event really is a snapshot of what we do every day; we just happen to be doing it on the same stage and at the same time, which doesn’t happen very often,” wrote Mathews.

Mathews organized the Fine Arts Showcase and various faculty members contribute portions of the performance from their programs. “I simply plan the order of performances,” Mathews wrote. “Faculty make repertoire selections for their respective ensembles, submit those to me, and I place them in a sequence that, hopefully, is logical, fluid, informative, and entertaining.”

Mathew wrote that the event provides the Fine Arts College an important way to share their stories with their community.

“The College of Fine Arts is all about telling stories; stories of our past, stories of students’ lives, stories of our imaginations, stories of Bison Hill, and stories of the Kingdom of God,” he wrote. “Individually and collectively, we look for ways to tell our stories and for audiences who will benefit from them. The Fine Arts Showcase allows us a unique opportunity to tell many of these stories in a quick and fun way, celebrating the rich heritage of our College and the wonderful future that lies ahead of us.”

Audiences’ who enjoy the event and desire to see more of the College of Fine Arts work, will have many more chances to see even more through events such as campus concerts, theatre performances, and art shows held throughout the rest of the year and can learn about upcoming events through The Bison, following the program’s Facebook pages, through the university website and by picking up an official College of Fine Arts schedule at the College of Fine Arts Office.

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