Follies of the Future will showcase OBU talent

Chelsea Weeks, Assistant News Editor


Freshman year of college is a transitional time of life where many students strive to stand out. Oklahoma Baptist University gives freshmen that chance to stand out and wow their classmates in the upcoming show Freshman Follies.

Saturday, Oct. 14, the Campus Activities Board will host the annual Freshman Follies show at 8 p.m. in Potter Auditorium. The theme of this year’s show is Follies of the Future.

Freshman Follies is a showcase of OBU freshmen talent. The show welcomes all sorts kind: music, dance, skits, and whatever ever else the creative mind can imagine.

“Freshmen Follies is important because it gives freshmen the opportunity to perform and show off their talent. It also helps introduce them to what it means to put on a CAB show,” Anna Tyler, a member of CAB, said.

Anna Arrington, a junior psychology and pre- counseling major, is the junior co-chair of CAB. She oversees all the shows hosted by CAB throughout the year. Arrington explained that the themes of the shows are presented by directors and that all members in CAB get to vote on the best one.

“We brainstormed different ideas like Freaky Follies, but then thought about a Future themed show that could encompass a lot more,” Emily Fink, a senior psychology and pre-counseling major and co-director of the show, said. “Plus, who doesn’t love “Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers?”

Mitchell Lee, a freshman digital media arts major, has been playing guitar for nine years and is performing for two acts in Follies.

“It was kind of stressful because everyone was asking me to play guitar for them,” Lee said. “I did three auditions so that was a little stressful. We practiced an hour each day, but we only had three days of preparation before the audition itself. It was easy to sign up for, but the preparation was what was hard. I had to sacrifice time to make sure that I was a good enough guitarist for these groups and not have to worry about failing the audition.”

Lee is excited for the show, not only because he is in it, but also because this is his first year here to experience it.

“I was really nervous about the auditions, but after we got through with two groups, I’m really pumped about it,” Lee said. “It was the best feeling telling the groups that we made it through. I’m just there to have fun. I think that’s the thing, is to show how crazy freshmen are. I want to show how crazy we can be.”

Emilie Rohr, a sophomore elementary education major, is on the set design crew.

“I love watching the auditions,” Rohr said. “It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of strangers and perform but the freshman really stepped up and showed some real talent both nights of auditions. I’m proud of the work they put in to showing us what they’ve got, and I can’t wait for the rest of the community to see their talent!”

Although a lot of work, thought and time has been put into the process of this show, Fink believes it will all be worth it.

“I think the OBU community will love the show because their classmates will be on stage,” Fink said. “Everyone can relate and laugh together as college students having a good time. I hope it inspires more students to get out there and get involved.”

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