Trimble appointed new interim assistant dean

Payton Clark, News Editor

Director of Developement Josh Trimble fills interim assistant dean position. OBU PR Department / Courtesy Photo.

From the admissions office to Cargill Alumni Center and now the Multicultural Affairs Office, Josh Trimble is back, working in the heart of OBU – its students.

Director of Development Josh Trimble was chosen to fill the interim role of assistant dean of students for diversity and multicultural Student Services this summer. Trimble will continue his efforts with alumni and donors while also working to build relationships and unity between students and organizations on campus.

“When we knew we were in a position to need someone in an interim role, quite honestly Josh was one of the first people I thought of,” Compton said. “Josh has been connected with the campus for a little over five years.”

Trimble attended the sister institution of Southwest Baptist and has served multiple roles at OBU including admissions counselor and director of development, further allowing him to understand the needs of a private Christian institution.

“He understands the needs of the university and our underrepresented students on campus,” Compton said. “He knows students from his admissions days, he is very adept relationally and a good leader. He has clear direction and vision on things that can help us take some steps forward.”

In his interim role, Trimble will continue the work of the diversity office and help to share resources for student needs.

“He is helping keep momentum going right now,” Compton said. “He is naturally gifted at relationships and problem solving, and he’s a good networker so he is able to be aware of needs and network those needs with resources to help meet them for individual students or groups.”

Trimble will work closely with the Black Student Association to hold events for current and former OBU students.

“One of the things he is working on that was in process is the new student organization formed last spring, the Black Student Association,” Compton said. “He is working with the student leadership and the sponsor for that organization to host a reunion of alumni of the former ‘Black Student Fellowship’ during homecoming.”

Compton said he believes that Trimble’s director of development position combined with his role as interim assistant dean of multicultural affairs will give him a fuller understanding of how to help students.

“A big part of his job is to raise money for students through scholarships, programming and student needs, so the better understanding he has will make him a better fundraiser for the university,” Compton said.

“The story that we have to tell to our donors is our students, so the better he knows students the better stories he has. Ultimately we’re in the business of raising up and equipping students and that is what people give money to.”

According to Compton, Trimble can be found in the GC multiple days of the week, where he will engage with students and organizations and attend campus events apart from his job in Development.

“He will spend one to two mornings or afternoons in the GC, in the Diversity office and/or meeting with individuals or groups of students,” Compton said. “He was already doing some of these things, which is part of why we chose him. He was living out a lot of these things with who he is.”

The admissions office is where Trimble first began his journey with OBU as an admissions counselor, fostering relationships with students and families.

“Trimble joined the OBU staff in 2010 as an admissions counselor, eventually promoting to senior admissions counselor while working on the admissions team for more than four years,” an OBU press release stated. “In 2014, he transitioned to the University’s development team.”

In his development position, Trimble continues to make relationships with alumni and donors in order to serve students financially.

“As director of development, he is responsible for leading and directing regional development within campaigns as well as prospecting, contacting, cultivating, soliciting and securing gifts and pledges for the University,” the press release stated. “He will continue in this role as he serves in the interim assistant dean position.”

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