Canterbury collects shoe donations at last worship night of the semester

Canterbury collects shoe donations at last worship night of the semester

Photo by Alena Blakley. 

By Payton Clark, Arts Editor 

Thanks to the Canterbury team, students had the opportunity to be the literal hands and feet of Jesus.

Thursday May 4, Canterbury hosted a shoe drive for “Soles for Souls” at the last worship night of the semester. Students brought their shoes to Canterbury at the Ritz Theatre in downtown Shawnee.

“Many of the students here are abundantly blessed, and it’s time to generously give a little of what we have to people who are in need,” freshman Canterbury member Emily Wall said. “As a Canterbury team, we’re honored to host this event and provide students an avenue to give.”

Canterbury team member sophomore Wes Evans said that they wanted any and all shoes students could donate in order to help the most people.

“We [asked] that students bring any shoes that they have, old or new, good shape or not,” Evans said. “The idea is to put shoes on people who don’t have any and bringing any type of shoes will be beneficial.”

Wall believes that for this event and others like it, students can look to Jesus as an example of giving to others.

“While Jesus was on the earth, He repeatedly spoke of the importance of caring for the poor, the orphans and the widows,” Wall said. “Donating shoes from the many pairs we all have in our dorm rooms is one small way we can be obedient to that command. It’s an opportunity to be the hands and feet – in a way, literally – of Jesus.”

Evans encourages students to get involved in future events like the shoe drive in order to repay the Shawnee community in a tangible way.

“It is a great way to give back to the community and serve in a simple way even though things with school are picking up for the end of the semester,” Evans said.

According to Wall, the idea was created during one of the Canterbury team meetings.

“We were brainstorming for different forms of worship to incorporate into the Canterbury nights of the semester,” Wall said. “Someone had the idea of worshipping through an offering of giving; just instead of money, an offering of shoes.”

The support of the Canterbury team was instrumental in bringing this shoe drive to life.

“This was pulled off by the diligent workers of Canterbury team,” Wall said. “We came up with the plan, are advertising for it, Jacob Jolly made an awesome poster, and we’ll be taking the shoes to the local charities after they’re gathered.”

As for the worship night itself, the team and many other students are disappointed that there is no more Canterbury this semester.

“I’m a little bummed [it was] the last Canterbury of the semester; I love losing myself in worship alongside my peers,” Wall said. “It’s a good reminder in the middle of the week of what is really important in life. Although I’ll miss Canterbury nights over the summer, I know there are more wonderful nights of worship in store for next semester.”

Like most clubs and organizations, the changing dynamic of members and leaders one has bonded with is also something to be disappointed about.

“It’s sad for the last Canterbury because the leadership is going to change and the team won’t be the same after this one,” Evans said. “My time on Canterbury team has been such a blessing, I know that God is working through each of us on the team and bringing us together once a week to share and build each other up.”

Evans appreciates the opportunity to serve and worship alongside students through the Canterbury team.

“It’s also such a blessing to ask people to lead music for us and them being so willing to do so,” Evans said. “I love being able to worship, and I think it’s very rewarding to be able to provide a place for students to worship every other week.”


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