OBU journalism student lands Telemundo internship in New York City

Photo by Lia Hillman, Editor-in-chief.
By Emma Patton, Online Content Editor 
Excellent journalism in one language can prove impossible for some reporters. Yet, Kervy Robles, a junior news and information major at Oklahoma Baptist University, just landed a summer internship at the Spanish language network Telemundo in New York City.
“Telemundo is a well-known and respectable news network worldwide,” Robles said. “As soon as I saw an open opportunity on their website, I did not hesitate to submit my application.”
Robles’ internship responsibilities at the WNJU Telemundo 47 station will include helping with the sports section for the daily news and managing projects for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Such a high caliber internship required a rigorous application process, Robles said.
“The process of selection lasted around four weeks, where I handled English and Spanish language interviews with assistant producers and the news director of Telemundo 47,” Robles said.
While the internship is impressive, Robles’ other accomplishments are no less astounding. Last summer, he traveled to the Rio Olympic Games to work as an assistant of the media and press operations area for the International Olympic Committee. He has also reported for the “Shawnee News-Star,” “VYPE Magazine” and “The Bison” (OBU’s student newspaper), including The Bison’s first-ever foreign language story. Currently, he is sports editor for The Bison and a crewmember for the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Holly Easttom, assistant professor of journalism, said Robles’ achievement is no surprise to her.

“Kervy is a treasured editor on staff here,” Easttom said. “Everyone loves his spirit and generous nature. I think this internship is a culmination of his journey and talents.”

However, Robles’ success did not come easily. Four years ago, he came to OBU with no knowledge of the English language.
“The journey started in the Intensive English Program, which truly prepared me since my desire was to become a journalist in this country,” Robles said. “I remember spending extra hours in the library studying books and watching epic films in order to improve my bilingual abilities.”
The struggle of learning English pushed Robles deeper into his desire to use journalism to help others, he said.
“Telemundo 47 is a news network with a direct involvement in the Hispanic community,” Robles said. “I have always wanted to make an impact among people who, like me, came to this country in search of their dreams.”
Though he is excited about his accomplishment, Robles said he accepts the opportunity with humility.
“I would like to thank my parents because without their unconditional love and constant support I would not be where I am today,” he said. “Secondly, I have to thank my advisor and mentor, Holly Easttom, who has put her trust in me since the first day we met.”
After working with him for years, Easttom has high hopes.
“When I first saw him, as a brand new freshman, he worried about writing fluently in one language, and now he does so in two,” Easttom said. “He is a perfect example of what perseverance and commitment to craft can accomplish.”

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