Blankenship premieres senior art show ‘Carry On’

By Abigail Meredith, Assistant Arts Editor

Anyone wishing to see what struggles and triumphs can produce is invited to visit the Art Building to enjoy Sarah Blankenship’s senior show.

Blankenship and her fiancé, super senior Eddie Martinez, willingly talked about the art, and how the show developed.

“The title is ‘Carry On’, and the show features art work from my four years at OBU, much of which has been inspired by the trials and triumphs of my life in that time frame,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship gave an example of a piece of art that captured one struggle about her own identity.

“I grew up in Cardiff, Wales, so some of my work is inspired by British things. I actually have dual citizenship between the USA and the UK, so one of my largest pieces entitled “Conflicted” is a combination of the American flag, and the Welsh flag – sort of portraying an identity crisis I had a few years ago.”

A woman looks at some of Blankenship’s art on display. / Preston Morris, The Bison

Blankenship also discussed the struggles and triumphs she faced through preparation.

“Preparation included matting, framing, staining frames, designing everything, physically hanging the show (which has been exhausting). Oh, and baking Welsh goodies for the opening reception,” she said.

Blankenship went into detail over specific difficulties, and how they turned out better than expected.

“Designing and hanging a show is no easy task, innumerable hours go into the making of an art exhibit. All in all, I am really pleased with how my framed pieces turn out. My uncle (Jason Wilson) kindly made about a dozen frames for me, which I then stained and they work perfectly for my artwork,” she said.

Martinez said he encouraged and helped Blankenship with her show.

“I helped encourage her and have helped in preparing for the show by carrying things, viewing pieces and giving my opinion when requested, and even posing in one piece,” Martinez said.

He also praised Blankenship’s art.

“She makes a variety of art, her best in my opinion would be her pointillism’s, painted pieces and drawings,” he said.

Preston Morris, The Bison

He offered insight into how Blankenship has triumphed over difficulties she faced in college.

“She has been both excited and stressed. Excited because it’s a part of her that she wants to enjoy. Stressed because April is her busiest time of year with multiple family celebrations, and on top of that she has school, work, and events that her siblings participate in. She has faced these struggles, as well as struggles occurring over the course of her college experience, through some scriptures that helped her really know what it meant to carry on,” he said.

Blankenship praised the Art Department and encouraged students to come see her show.

“It’s a great opportunity for the community to come see what we have going over here in the art building,” Blankenship said. “I think we are easily forgotten in this distant corner of the campus, but our work is just as significant as all our fellow students’. I really hope everyone who comes to see my show enjoys it, and that it is as memorable for them as it is for me.”

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