By Alyssa Sperrazza, News Editor

The Clock Tower needs renovations and students are invited to participate.

A survey was sent out to students recently, asking for their input.

“We sent it out to garner student ideas about the clock tower renovation and get a sense for the significance of the area to students,” junior Edward Sanders said.

“SGA put forth the survey because we have the most direct line of contact with the student body. Advancement wanted student responses so they can better address student wants and needs in their improvement initiatives.”

Two senior classes are banning together to help complete the project.

“According to the 2017 class officers, the class of 2018 wants to join in the revitalization efforts,” Executive Director of OBU Alumni Association, Lori Hagans said.

“The early estimates to restore the clock tower and renovate the area are approximately $40,000. The renovation will include new clock faces, clock mechanisms, the metal clock housing will be reworked/updated, addition of study benches, some concrete work and landscaping.”

Working together, SGA hopes that will help cover the costs for the renovations.

“Because it’s a pretty ambitious project, it came up in our discussions with Advancement that we would need donations from more than just one class or the university itself,” Sanders said. “At the end of every year, leftover money in SGA’s budget goes into a restricted account. After that point, SGA can only use that leftover money on university improvement initiatives. Over the years, the account has accumulated quite a bit of money, so the SGA executives decided the clock tower renovations would be a good use for some of the restricted funds, augmenting any money raised by students and the university itself.”

Class gifts are a tradition at OBU, dating back to the early 1920s.

“The very first class gift was from the Class of 1922,” Hagans said. “They gave the pergola and sundial.”

Class gifts can be found all over campus, marked with the seal of a Bison and a concrete plaque that says which year gave it.

“The Clock Tower was a gift from the Class of 1952, Hagans said. The Class of 1994 refurbished the clock and also added benches and landscape.”

Following the tradition, plaques will be placed on the newly renovated tower.

“Plaques will be placed on the tower recognizing the project as a class gift [representing] 1952, 1994, 2017 and 2018,” Hagans said.

Students are encouraged to check their emails and fill out the survey, contributing their input towards the Clock Tower renovations.