Courtesy Photo. 

By Daryl Green, Contributing Writer

Dr. Daryl Green is the Dickinson Chair in the Paul Dickinson School of Business, teaching leadership, management and marketing. He and his wife have several years of social and competitive ballroom dance experience.

Green and wife Estraletta Green competed in the 2017 Dance Rush in Oklahoma City, where they placed 1st in 14 dance events.

Green and his wife taught a four-week ballroom and club dance class at OBU in February

They participated in 14 dance events, including American Smooth and American Rhythm. These dances include waltz, foxtrot, tango, rumba, cha cha, swing, and bachata.

“They achieved all first places in every event they entered,” Green said.

“I believe dancing has many positive attributes including better mentality alertness, improved health, and better social skills. It has helped me. I know that dancing can help students, faculty, staff, and others increase a healthier and happier life.”