Blitz Week offers new activities, says farewell to WM2M

By Allison Jarboe, Features Editor

This past Thursday, April 20, a Blitz Week event titled “Bison Blitz” gathered students from all over campus to form teams and compete in a competition.

Katy Brannen, member of the Blitz Week committee, said that this year the event took place to fill the gap for a discontinued event.

“Bison Blitz is replacing the Whole Milk Two Mile,” Brannen said.

Tyre Terry, co-chair of the Blitz Week committee, also discussed the event.

“The Bison Blitz is a scavenger hunt, with a twist,” Terry said.

“You still have to solve riddles in order to get to the next location, but the twist is that once you reach the location you have to do a challenge in order to get the next clue.”

Photo by Alena Blakley, The Bison. 

Brannen explained that the co-chairs, Terry and Jordan Spencer, organized the event to be similar to that of a popular TV show.

“It [was] modeled after the ‘Amazing Race,’” Brannen said. “The Amazing Race,” a reality TV game show, features teams who race all over the world, competing with each other and win prizes and avoid being eliminated.

Contestants perform various tasks and overcome a variety of obstacles along the way.

In the “Bison Blitz,” students were placed in a similar situation, given clues leading to various places and asked to finish difficult assignments to advance to the next sequence in the event.

Terry was pleased with the positive turnout of the event.

“This year being the first year, we thought it went well,” Terry said. “The groups that participated had a fun time.”

Terry mentioned that the Blitz Week committee still has decisions to make regarding the event in the long-term.

“We, as a Blitz Week committee, will talk about if we will do the event again next year,” he said.

The committee was excited that the event raised a good deal of funds for the organization that Blitz Week is sponsoring, Beautiful Dream Society.

Beautiful Dream Society is the only anti-human trafficking organization in Lesotho, Africa, and restores the lives of victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Throughout this past week, students participated in a number of events to support this impactful organization, although some events were changed from prior years.

Terry emphasized the importance of every Blitz Week event and the underlying purpose of the entire week.

“Overall we raised quite a bit of money for Beautiful Dream Society,” Terry said. “And that is the focus of Blitz Week.”

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