Where to eat: seniors dish out their favorite Shawnee restaurants

By Jeremiah Hurd, Contributing Writer

For a variety of reasons (one of which is adding variety to the student menu), students like to eat off campus.

The following is a list of eight establishments some graduating seniors would like to recommend to others.

Abuelita’s I 

Abuelitas1Food: Mexican

Location: 715 E. Independence Street

“I like Abuelita’s for several reasons,” Anna Burton, an English major with a professional writing: literary professional editing minor, said.

“I love Mexican food; theirs is fantastic at a modest price, and they provide free sopapillas.”

“My husband and I love the staff, who are friendly and provide quick service, and I enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant, which is homey and comfortable,” Burton said.

Burton said she and her husband go to Abuelita’s semi-regularly (regular for college students on budgets).

“We go at least once a month, and sometimes more, simply because it’s a great place to eat at a good price point for poor college students.”

Benedict Street Market

Food: Soups and sandwichesbenedict

Food: Homemade soups and salads

Location: 613 N. Pottenger Avenue

“Benedict Street Market is the most homey place in Shawnee,” Emma Patton, a communication studies major, said. “There are these beautiful murals inside, and there’s a small area where they sell homemade quilts and stuff for Project Gabriel, a nonprofit here in Shawnee.”

Patton said she enjoys how friendly the staff is.

“The people there are literally so nice,” Patton said.

“It’s a great place to go [for] lunch (they’re not open for dinner),” Patton said. “If you go, though, you HAVE to get the cookie. They will give you a warm cookie and ‘decorate’ it with caramel and whipped cream.”

Boomarang Diner

boomFood: American cuisine

Location: 9 W. Main Street

“My favorite place is Boomarang,” Reagan Smith, a digital media arts major with an emphasis in animation, said.

There are two Boomarang Diners in Shawnee one near campus on MacArthur and one downtown on Main Street.

“I prefer the Boomarang downtown because it feels like an old diner.”

Smith said he also likes their specialty nights such as “all you can eat catfish Fridays.”


cazadorezFood: Mexican

Location: 3100 N. Harrison Street

“Cazadorez is my all-time favorite restaurant in Shawnee,” Lindsi Skinner, a communication studies major, said. “They have delicious food and a fun loving atmosphere.”

“You just can’t get anything better than ‘Stephen’s Special.’ I have also made nice relationships with the people that work there.”

China House

china.jpgFood: Chinese cuisine

Location: 2816 N. Kickapoo Street

Brandon Smith, a computer science major with an emphasis in religion, said China House is his favorite place to eat in Shawnee.

“You get a lot of food for only $5.75 and the owners are incredibly friendly,” Smith said.

Another perk of China House is the proximity.

“China House is within walking distance from campus,” Smith said. “Come in often enough and the owner will begin to recognize you and know exactly what you want.”

Maple Garden

maple-garden-restaurant-shawnee-724302.jpgFood: Asian cuisine

Location: 725 E. Independence Street

“They have the best noodles I’ve ever tasted,” Samantha King, a theatre major, said.

King has a favorite dish when she goes.

“I always tell myself I’m going to try something new yet end up getting the beef lo mein anyways because it’s SO yummy and I’m craving them right now thinking about it,” she said.

“They also have a cheap dinner deal that has soup included with your meal, and it’s less than $10 which is always my goal as a college student.”

Other seniors agree that the price is the most attractive element of the menu–that and the quality of food for that price.

McAlister’s Deli

mcalister's deli tea 0729.jpgFood: Sandwiches, spuds, soups and salads

Location: 4605 N. Kickapoo Street Suite 4603

“My favorite place to go eat here in Shawnee is probably McAlister’s,” Houston Franklin, a pastoral ministry and Biblical studies double major, said.

Franklin said he appreciates being able to go fellowship with friends by eating together at McAlister’s.

“The reason it’s my favorite place is because I can go in with friends and sit down to eat with them. Also, I love their salads as well as [their] soups in a bread bowl.”

Many also noted the deli’s famous sweet tea as an added attraction.

Shawnee Pho

beef-pho.jpgFood: Asian cuisine

Location: 603 W. Kickapoo Spur Street

“It’s a great family run business with daily dinner specials,” Noah Golaboff, a social studies secondary education major with an English minor, said.

“Since I have a night class, I like to go pick up my meal before heading to class, and it’s been a great tradition this semester.”

Other restaurants mentioned in a recent Twitter poll of Bison Hill favorites include: The Owle Shoppe (for a gourmet menu on a student budget), Paul’s Place (for the fried green beans), Phoenix (for the pad thai and sushi selection), Hamburger King (for the diner atmosphere and onion burgers) and Don Ciro’s (for authenticity and price).

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