‘A Spring Affair to Remember’ premiering soon

By Hannah Ledford, Assistant News Editor

On Saturday, April 22, OBU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) will put on their annual spring show titled A Spring Affair to Remember.  The show will be hosted in Raley chapel; doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the event will  begin at 8:00. 

Lauren Ledbetter, senior at OBU and one of the directors of this event, said the theme is based on old films. 

“The name of the show is A Spring Affair to Remember, so it’s movie themed,” Ledbetter said.

“The set design and overarching theme is classic 50’s Hollywood, but the show itself is pulled from anything and everything movies.  All the stage band’s songs will be coming from movie soundtracks, and our skits are based on movies” Ledbetter said.

Addison Kubicek, freshman at OBU and PR member of CAB, gave examples of how the theme will be seen throughout the event. 

“We’re looking back on the past and so we’re going to incorporate dances and different themes for some of the acts.  Some of the acts are going to take on 80’s or 90’s themes,” Kubicek said. 

“It’s going to look at the now and look back on how it used to be,” she said.

Kubicek added that PR has used this theme of nostalgia in their advertising as well.

“A lot of the posters are incorporating ‘Gone With the Wind’ and ‘Star Wars,’ and some of the things that make people say ‘Oh, I loved those movies,’” Kubicek said. 

Although [Spring Affair] is already known for being a wonderful campus event, the directors have tried to make it even better this year by advancing the technological side of it.

  “We’re trying to do a little bit more with our video skits for this show; they’re going to be a little more involved in terms of videography than they have been in the past,” Ledbetter said.

All the CAB members are excited for this year’s Spring Affair; however, Kubicek has never helped with this event before, and said she is very eager to witness it for the first time. 

“I’m really excited to see all the acts that are coming in,” Kubicek said. “I feel like we’ve got a great group of people that are going to be performing and it’s going to be a different take on a CAB show.”

Both Ledbetter and Kubicek agreed that Spring Affair portrays OBU and its creativity in a marvelous way. 

Ledbetter said it allows for students to share their gifts with others.

“It’s really neat because it gives an opportunity for all OBU students to perform,” Ledbetter said. “They come up with their own groups, they create their own skits to audition with or they create their own songs.”

Kubicek said this event shows OBU’s creativity while also representing how diverse its students are. 

“The acts are very diverse and very different, but at the same time everybody has a little bit of themselves poured into it; there’s a little element that people are going to look back and remember and that’s what is going to make it stand out and makes the culture of OBU stand out as well,” Kubicek said.

Ledbetter added that this event not only reaches OBU’s campus, but the surrounding community as well.

“Not only do OBU students like to come see it but the community can come to it and faculty can come and bring their kids; it’s a lot of fun all in all,” Ledbetter said. 

“I think it shows not only OBU’s artsy side but to me it’s one of the high points for the OBU community because so many people like to come up to CAB shows, and Spring Affair especially.”

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