SGA presented Seven Who Care Awards to faculty and staff

Photo by Jeremy Scott, Oklahoma Baptist University. 

By Lia Hillman, Editor-in-chief

There are many people at Oklahoma Baptist University who positively impact Bison Hill.

The Seven Who Care Award is given by SGA to honor seven OBU faculty and staff who have shown hard work and dedication. Recipients are selected each year based upon nominations by students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Tawa Anderson, assistant professor of philosophy and director of the honors program, was a recipient of the 2017 Seven Who Care Award.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition from OBU’s students through the SGA,” Anderson said. “I consider it a privilege and joy to teach at OBU, and our outstanding student body make it truly easy to care about and for them.”

Dr. James Vernon, professor of music and director of the Bisonette Glee Club was also presented the Seven Who Care Award.

“There are about 350 staff and faculty here at OBU that I believe care – about the school, about the students and about our community,” Vernon said. “To be singled out as one of them is a great honor, and I thank the SGA.”

Marla Hestilow, cashier at OBU, was a recipient of the Seven Who Care Award.

“When I spend time with people at the cashier’s window, I only have a brief moment of time to have a positive impact on them, so I try to be kind,” Hestilow said. “I try to show that someone cares about them. I know in return that some of the students see that in me is very special to my heart. It’s very kind, and I am very blessed by it.”

Erin Guleserian, resident director of WMU and housing coordinator received the Seven Who Care Award.

“I have loved getting the opportunity to serve a place that has changed me and served me so well for all these years,” Guleserian said. “The students of OBU are the reason why I love being here. All I can say is thank you for choosing me for such an honor, and thank you for bringing me so much joy day in and day out.”

Adjunct professor of communication arts, language and literature, Ann McNellis was a recipient of the Seven Who Care Award.

“I was so surprised to be nominated and to receive the award from my students,” McNellis said. “I absolutely love working at OBU and getting to know each one of the people that are in my classes. I know the future is bright with them heading out into the world.”

Other recipients of the Seven Who Care Award includes Dr. D.H. Dilbeck, assistant professor of history and Dr. Norris Russel, professor of kinesiology and co-faculty athletics representative.

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