New officers elected for SGA 2017-2018

By Alyssa Sperrazza, News Editor

Student Government Association hosted their 2017-2018 elections Wednesday, April 5. The results were released to students Thursday, April 8.  Candidates gave their speeches to students in Hyde Park Chapel, vying for student’s votes.

Running unopposed, SGA President Hunter Doucette called students to elect strong leaders.

“We have accomplished much this year,” Doucette said. “We restructured the parking system, met with the CEO of the Tree of Life bookstore to figure out a better way to provide textbooks and part of the library is now open 24/7.”

Progress does not happen overnight and SGA works dilligently to continue making improvments.

SGA President: 

hunter-doucette“We need leaders who are willing to do the groundwork for all Bison everywhere, for the students who have needs… who face challenges…who find themselves destitute of a voice on campus,” Student Body President, Hunter Doucette said. “As SGA, we need to be that voice for them… So we can help them leave their legacy.

SGA VP of Internal Affairs: 

“I’m really excited to be able to bring student concerns directly to thesavannah-payne administration, and I look forward working with my fellow execs to create new ways for students to be represented more directly,” SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs, Savannah Payne said.

SGA VP of External Affairs: 

zach-fisher“As VPE, I hope to, on SGA’s behalf, work efficiently with organizations on campus to improve community and diversity in campus, and work with the other executive staff members to achieve our combined goal for the campus,” SGA Vice President of External Affairs, Zack Fisher said.

Sophomore senators are Nathan Floyd, Tim Duncan, Cameron Veal, Hudson Payne and Seongmin Moon.

Sophomore Class President and Vice President are Chad Jordan and Megan Kalinowski. 

Junior senators are Benjamin Penazek, Jonathan Frank, Joshua Taylor and Jonathan Ball.

Junior class President and Vice President are Ashley Berkey and Casey House.

Senior class senators are Will Engle, Blaine Whitson, Hayden Heath, Nick Dingus and Collin Tanner.

Senior class President and Vice President are AJ Lopez and Connelly Rader.

SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs is sophomore Savannah Payne. 

SGA Vice President of External Affairs is sophomore Zach Fisher. 

SGA President is junior Hunter Doucette. 

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