SGA’s ‘Brewsday Tuesday’ is back, this year in support of Mission Shawnee

By Alyssa Sperrazza 

Continuing the theme of coffee that’s making a difference, OBU’s Brewsday Tuesday is working to help a local organization that’s important to the community.

“Each semester, the Volunteer Action Committee picks a local charitable organization that the community of OBU doesn’t pay a lot of attention to,” SGA Volunteer Action Committee chair, Lyndsey Kalinowski said. “This semester, all donations benefit Mission Shawnee.”

Mission Shawnee serves free meals every Sunday along with many other serves that help those in need.  And SGA is hoping they can add to those contributions.

“The purpose of Brewsday Tuesday is to both raise funds for the organization and inform people about what that organization does for our community,” Kalinowski said. “Often, representatives from the organization will come and talk to students while the table is up.”

By purchasing a cup of coffee, students can donate to Mission Shawnee and help make a difference.

Students can also make a difference at Mission Shawnee by volunteering time.

“Mission Shawnee has a variety of ministries that OBU students can be involved in,” Mission Shawnee board member and the ministry leader of Hope to Offer, Kim Robinson said.

“There are 2 meals served each week. One on Sunday from 2p.m. until about 3:30p.m. We truly appreciate the support we get from OBU students on Sunday’s.”

Besides serving meals, other skills that OBU student may have could be helpful for Mission Shawnee.

“Mission Shawnee grounds need some attention right now,” Robinson said, “specifically the flower beds on the south side of the building.  They need mulch and a few things to add color.  That would be a project a group might want to take on.”

Volunteer options are not only available during the school year but during the summer as well.

“Also, for any students staying in Shawnee for the summer, Mission Shawnee has a summer lunch program for school age children,” Robinson said. “We are in need of volunteers to help prepare and deliver sack lunches Monday through Friday during the summer months.”

Mission Shawnee is currently raising funds to use towards the Summer Lunch Programs, operational costs and other events held there.

So instead of grabbing the regular latte from Starbucks, make sure to stop by the SGA table on Tuesdays and help make a difference in the Shawnee community.

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