New minors ‘Global Engagement’ and ‘International Leadership’ in the works

By Alyssa Sperrazza, News Editor

The curriculum is continually expanding at OBU and two minors are currently being created.

Paving the way are Dr. Galen Jones, Assistant Professor of Church Planting and Floyd K. Clark Chair of Christian Leadership, along with Dr. Bruce Carlton, Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry and WMU Professor of Missions.

“Part of what we’re doing is, Dr. Carlton, I, and the Hobbs College, is we’re working on developing a new curriculum that will hopefully turn out to be a full degree program, but surely we’ll have minors,” Jones said. 

The programs are titled Global Engagement and International Leadership. 

“Several months ago, I proposed to Dean Thomas that Hobbs College look at developing an interdisciplinary major that would be built on four main pillars,” Carlton said.

“[Those pillars include] courses in Bible and Cross-cultural Ministry, courses with a marketplace discipline emphasis (i.e., business, TOESL, Art, computer science, journalism, etc. ), a semester or summer-long internship in the respective marketplace discipline and a second language acquisition. The objective would be to prepare students to serve and minister in the global marketplace,” Carlton said. 

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