Abby Besco presents senior art show, ‘Journeys’

By Payton Clark, Arts Editor

If you had to plan a senior art show, what would it be about?

Abby Besco poses with some of her self portraits. / Alena Blakley, The Bison 

Senior art major Abby Besco’s show follows a series of self-portraits based off of famous self-portraits.

“Journeys” tells stories of self-reflection and the journey through life. It runs from Feb. 24 until March 3 in the Art building.

“It’s kind of like a journey through different styles of paintings and different time periods of art styles, and it’s a journey through self-awareness, as well, since it is self-portraits,” Besco said.

“I believe that anything is a journey whether big and small; it affects you in life, so it inspires my artwork.”

According to Besco, the idea for her show started in her Art History classes, after seeing an unusual self-portrait.

“I just thought it was really funny, and it would be interesting of someone mocked famous self-portraits,” Besco said.

“With ‘Journeys’ it’s more of a reflection of how anything can affect you, because your journey through life influences you in ways, and it inspires you.”

Associate Professor of Graphic Design Corey Fuller has had the opportunity to teach Besco in numerous design classes.

“Abby is a very talented artist and designer; she’s well versed in a variety of media,” Fuller said. “She’s humble and teachable and always puts her best foot forward.”

Due to Besco’s time in a number of different art classes, her show includes multiple art forms, including her favorite oil painting.

“I kind of do a little bit of everything, because I have taken graphic design classes, screen printing, [and] I took a weaving class last semester and that was really fun,” Besco said.

“I like painting a lot, preferably oil paints. I also like ceramics and drawing, so you’ll see that at my show.”

Fuller said he believes that her past experience in diverse art classes give Besco versatility as an artist.

“She’s done some very nice work in upper-level design courses, even though she’s not a graphic design major, which shows her versatility,” Fuller said.

According to Fuller, Besco’s art show will be very interesting as it includes painting, drawing, ceramics and graphic design work.

“Obviously, the show hasn’t gone up yet, but if her promotional poster is any indication, it’s going to be an exciting show,” Fuller said.

“She’s been working on a series of self-portraits that should be very intriguing.”

According to Besco, her art show has been in the works for two years.

“Being part of an art major, this is a part of what you work towards in your time here,” Besco said.

“Having close friends in classes before me has caused me to think more about it the past two years. I’ve been thinking about it in the back of my head for a long time.”

Rather than having one favorite piece, Besco wants to enjoy the final product of her show and all of its important pieces.

“Right now, I’m just really excited to see the finished product of what my series has become,” Besco said.

“I like all of my pieces in different ways, because I chose them all to be in the show for a different reason, not to just fill up space.”

For Besco, the creation of her art show has been both exciting and stressful.

“In the long term, it’s been fun to just think about it, think of the ideas of what I could do,” Besco said. “In the short term, it has been really stressful to figure out what I’m doing and actually do it.”

Besco’s love for oil painting began in high school, when her teacher gave her some good advice.

“She always said ‘painting is fun because you can never mess up if you just paint over it’,” Besco said. “I can always just keep working on it. Wait for the paint to dry a little and fix it.”

Besco finds the same love for ceramics.

“I guess that’s the same thing with ceramics too; it’s a release for me,” Besco said. “Working with your hands on the wheel is fun, it can be hard but you can just smash it down and start over with a new piece of clay.”

Throughout her time in the OBU art department, Besco believes that she’s been inspired in some way by her professors.

“All the professors, Blackstone, Fuller, Owens and Burnett, they’ve all influence me in some way,” Besco said. “Julie helps me draw and paint, Corey helps with design, Owens helps me think outside the box – not so concrete.”

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