Mortar Board says “thank you” to profs

Lia  Hillman, Editor-in-Chief

Professors and advisors are important for every college, but sometimes they can be underappreciated.

Students can write thank you notes to profs in the GC. / Preston Morris, The Bison 

“Our professors are an enormous part of what makes OBU wonderful,” senior Lauren Ledbetter said.

During the week of February 13, the Oklahoma Baptist University’s Mortar Board encourages students to show gratitude to their faculty advisors.

“It is pretty amazing that we are surrounded by an incredibly intelligent and passionate faculty who have chosen to spend their time and energy teaching us,” Ledbetter said.

Mortar Board will have a table set up in the Geiger Center providing stationary for students wanting to write thank you notes to their faculty advisors.

“You could mail them a card, drop off some candy or a little gift at their office,” Ledbetter said.

“Tell them one of your favorite or funniest memories with them or their class, or stop by and thank them in person.”

Also during that week, the Mortar Board wants to promote itself to the students of OBU.

“Mortar board is important because it allows seniors to come together and serve their campus,” Ledbetter said.

Mortar Board is a national college society made up of seniors who excel in areas of scholarship, leadership and service.

“Mortar Board’s goal is to help promote the values of scholarship, leadership and service across campus,” senior and Mortar Board president Abigail Campbell said.

“This is done by assisting in academic opportunities, such as Dante Readings and serving across campus and in the community.”

Along with providing stationary for thank you notes, Mortar Board will be selling t-shirts promoting its organization.

“Beyond this week, we continue to partner with other organizations like CAB and Blitz Week with some of their upcoming events,” Ledbetter said.

Campbell said that Mortar Board is still open to looking for ways to serve other organizations on campus.

“We are very willing to help any group that is in need of assistance, whether that be helping to fundraise, promoting and event or providing man power,” Campbell said.

Ledbetter said that junior students should be on the lookout for more information about joining Mortar Board.

“For underclassmen, it may be a couple years before you’re eligible to join,” she said.

“Start thinking about it now and make efforts to engage with opportunity for scholarship, leadership and service, so that when your senior year comes around, you’ll be ready to plug in and make the most of your last year.”

Applications to interview for Mortar Board are due by February 20.

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