Profs and students serenade for fundraiser on Valentine’s Day

Hunter Tiberius Zuel (above) was one of the many featured students in the fundraiser. Proceeds benefited a promotional video for Community Renewal. / Preston Morris, The Bison 

By Jason Burger, Assistant News Editor

The Communication Honors Society hosted a fundraiser Tuesday that not only made someone’s significant other feel special, but also caught the attention of anyone within sight and earshot. Several professors and students were sent as singing candy grams for Valentine’s Day. 

Men and women were allowed to bid on this unique, once in a lifetime experience, and send their significant other a singing candy gram, courtesy of Hunter Tiberius Zuel, Truett Ross, Dr. Vickie Ellis, Katie and Anna Harmon and many other talented participants.

Lindsi Skinner, President of the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honors Society, said that the reason for the fundraiser was to raise money for a promotional video for Community Renewal, an organization in Shawnee that was established in 2015 courtesy of the Avedis Foundation. The foundation focuses on financially supporting projects that further the quality of life in the Pottawatomie County area.

The purpose of the fundraiser was not just to create Valentine’s Day memories that everyone will remember, but also to benefit the community of Shawnee for the greater good.   

“The singing candy gram fundraiser will help us raise funds to create Community Renewal’s promotional video,” Skinner said.

“Lambda Pi Eta is really trying to branch out.  The plan is to not only help foster community on campus, but in the Shawnee area as well.  We immediately thought of Community Renewal. We reached out to them, and they just happened to be in need of a promotional video to help spread their message to the people of Shawnee.”

The fundraiser, which was executed through a silent auction in the Geiger Center, included a short showing and singing performance by Oklahoma Baptist University’s very own Senior Hunter “Tiberius” Zuel. 

Despite the serious planning and action that took place to put the whole fundraiser together, Zuel is also taking his role in the fundraiser very seriously.

“I have been practicing my singing every day, and on Valentine’s Day, I serenaded many people with my voice,” Zuel said.

Zuel also noted that he was more than willing to be a part of the fundraiser when he heard that the proceeds were going to Community Renewal.

“I heard that the event was for charity, and as a Christian, I feel that we are to serve other people with our money.  For me, I decided that I could donate my time,” Zuel said.

Zuel also noted that despite not having a significant other on Valentine’s Day, he remained positive, and enjoyed the day anyway.

“Valentine’s Day is always an interesting day in a single man’s life,” Zuel said.  “But I see the day as a celebration with the people that you love, and that is what really matters.”

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