Seniors reflect on the spring semester

Chelsea Weeks, Assistant Features Editor

As seniors embark on their last semester at OBU, they reflect on the events and feelings felt during their many years on Bison Hill. Samantha Thompson, a senior Psychology Pre-Counseling major, discusses her favorite spring semester event.

“Spring Affair would have to be my favorite event because it’s a great time for the campus to come together and see the talent in our student body and you get to dress up,” Thompson said.

With work, school, club events or graduation quickly arriving, it is easy to become anxious. Lauren Morgan, a senior Psychology and Pre-Counseling major, explains what she is nervous about regarding the spring semester.

Many seniors will end the semester with the traditional Walk, from the oval to steps of Raley. / Preston Morris, The Bison 

“I think I am most nervous about post-grad life,” Morgan said. “Everyone always asks you as a senior, but sometimes you don’t have an answer. Currently, I’m not really sure what that looks like, but I know the Lord is faithful and already has great plans for me. Right now, I will just focus on being intentional with my time left here at OBU.”

Although the future can be nerve wracking and the constant flow of assignments overwhelming, there are many positive things to be excited about in the spring semester, students said.

“I love spring semester because it really flies by,” Lauren Rezek, a senior Psychology major, said. “One second it’s February first and then it’s dead week.”

Another senior explained what she is excited for outside of OBU.

“I’m probably most excited about all of the possibilities out there,” Morgan said. “I have spent almost four years here growing and learning about myself and the world around me and now I get the opportunity to use these gifts I have to make an impact. OBU has been an amazing home, but now I get to figure out my calling in this world. The possibilities are endless.”

With the new semester comes new goals.

“Some of the things I wish to accomplish are one: Pass all of my classes and graduate; two: Take every opportunity to make memories that will last way past graduation; three: use my influence here as a senior to be a source of encouragement and wisdom to the underclassmen,” Morgan said. “Lord knows I have failed many times, so if someone can learn something from my mistakes, I’m happy.”

As the saying goes, with time comes wisdom. Several seniors offered up many words of advice.

“Stay on top of your classes,” Rezek said. “Don’t procrastinate too much because it’ll kill you at the end of the semester. For graduation, you can never start too early. Research graduate schools, if you plan on going to grad school, and talk to Marissa Lightsey about career options because finding a job after graduation can be pretty difficult.”

Other seniors also gave words of advice.

“My advice to underclassmen would be to learn to ask questions,” Thompson said. “Get involved, hangout with friends till three in the morning every once in a while, it will be okay. I would also suggest that they talk with their professors. Make connections with them because they will be able to help you in with the grad school application process as well as finding jobs.”

Although excited for new opportunities, many seniors will treasure their time at OBU as a precious memory.

“What I am going to miss the most about OBU are the traditions,” Morgan said. “From Welcome Week and Ka-Rip Wars to WM2M and Spring Affair, I have cherished memories from each of them. I even still have my beanie. Traditions are what connects us to the past generations and as well as to future baby bison. The sun never sets on Bison Hill.”


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