Lady Bison fall to Arkansas Tech

Kervy Robles, Sports Editor

Oklahoma Baptist women’s basketball team visited Russellville, Arkansas last Saturday to face GAC (Great American Conference) rival Arkansas Tech.

Even though the Lady Bison led the first quarter 18-14, the locals earned the triumph with a 91-65 score.

Courtesy Photo / OBU Athletics

“We played the number two team in conference,” junior Tasha Edge said. “We were leading the first half; we could have given up, but we kept battling.”

Arkansas Tech took advantage of OBU’s deficits and set superiority.

“They had a great ability to get to the basket,” junior Autumn Avina said. “They also could shoot the ball very well from the three [points zone].”

Although the Lady Bison suffered lost an important game, they have showed some strengths during this season.

“There is one thing I know about this team is that we have heart,” junior Katy Custer said. “We never once gave up. The way we carry ourselves on and off the court speaks volumes as to who we are as a program.”

Edge, who scored 17 points against Arkansas Tech, expects to make some improvements toward the rest of the campaign.

“As long as we stick together and play 40 minutes of defense, we will take care of business,” Edge said. “Offense will come, but we need to improve our defense in order to win these next games.”

Custer, who contributed eight points against Arkansas Tech, sees the upcoming games with optimism despite the rough year.

“We need to win six of the next seven games to make it to the NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) national tournament,” Custer said. “We have all the tools to bring home six more wins but we are going to have to put four quarters of defense together.

Avina, who finally registered 16 points in the loss against Arkansas Tech, emphasized the importance of leadership inside the team.

“We are just trying to help them to get as much as experience as they can,” Avina said. “We lead by example and encourage them through everything we can.”

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