Yahnseh, OBU’s yearbook, is here

Lia Hillman, Features Editor

The 2015-2016 Yahnseh, Oklahoma Baptist University’s yearbook, is now available, and students can pick up their copy without payment.

“I was not involved in that yearbook at all until Holly Easttom [publications advisor] asked me to help them finish it,” sophomore Mikaleh Offerman said.

“It was crazy because there wasn’t really an editor for that yearbook, just a bunch of people sporadically working on it throughout the year.”

Offerman said she and the yearbook staff spent their summer trying to find stories and pictures for the yearbook pages.

“When the school year started, it was just a matter of editing it and try- ing to fill space since so many people don’t take their portraits for class photos.”

Offerman said that the lack of student portraits is an issue. Only about 300 OBU students had their yearbook picture taken.

“A lot of people say they won’t take their photo or pick up their yearbook because they don’t want to pay for it, which is ironic because the yearbook is covered in their tuition,” she said.

Offerman is now the editor-in-chief for the Yahnseh.

Lia Hillman / The Bison

“I plan, organize and make sure the yearbook gets done,” she said. “I give out assignments, make sure photos are being taken and edit every- thing.”

Offerman said she also delegates the designing of the yearbook to students who make up the yearbook staff.

“All the design stuff is on them, which is awesome because they blow me away with their creativity.”

Sophomore Alena Blakley serves as a designer and photographer for the yearbook.

“Designing the pages is a lot of fun because I get the opportunity to make sure that as many people as possible are in photos of the yearbook,” Blakley said.

“My other favorite part is being able to take photos of all the events that are going on. It gives me a reason to be involved with what’s going on around the school,” Blakley said.

Anyone interested in helping with the yearbook is encouraged to get involved.

“We’ve only got six paid positions, but anyone can enroll in the class,” Offerman said. “We are always looking for photographers who are willing to submit photos for free or for class credit.”

Blakely said she loved being a part of the yearbook.

“So far, my favorite part of working for the Yahnseh has been our staff meetings. Mikaleh Offerman makes working for the Yahnseh an amazing experience,” Blakley said.

“The yearbook is important to have because in 15 or 20 years down the line – when people are feeling sentimental – they can look at the events that went on at school, whether they were in it or not.”

Offerman said she hopes to have the 2016-2017 Yahnseh completed by May 11, 2017.

“That way, the yearbooks will be ready for pickup in August,” she said.

“I also just want it to be really good. The yearbook has had a rough few years, and I’d really like to make it something that students look forward to receiving.”

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