Thetas support abuse victims with pancake sale

Morgan Knox, Contributing Writer

Griddles were hot, batter was stirred, the smell of chocolate chips pancakes wafts into the air and the warm syrup was just waiting to be poured.

On Tuesday evening, Theta Sigma Chi hosted their first ever Pancake Dinner to help support their national philanthropy Destiny Rescue.

This Oklahoma Baptist University women’s club welcomed community members, students and faculty to enjoy the fluffy flapjacks.

“All of our proceeds go to Destiny Rescue, which is our national philanthropy,” said junior nursing major Sydney Ward who is co-service chair for the Thetas.

“Destiny Rescue gets kids out sex trafficking and helps keep them out of it as well.”

Destiny Rescue seeks to rescue children from the chains of sex slavery, help aid in the healing process through education, vocational training, counseling, health care, spiritual guidance and love.

The group also has Prevention Homes in different countries across the globe where at risk children are taken care of until they find safe employment or higher education.

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“It breaks my heart that there are children around the world and even in our own country going through things like this,” Mikayla Keeter sophomore family and community service major and Theta service co-chair said.

“I’m glad we can serve and love these children even if they are worlds away.”

Along with fundraising for Destiny Rescue, the Thetas are involved in service in the local community of Shawnee. The women regularly volunteer at Hope House and the Salvation Army of Shawnee soup kitchen.

“I think it is important to serve with our sisters because it brings us closer together as a group, benefits the community, and is a crucial part of what social clubs do,” Ward said.

Second to the Neon Party the social club hosted previously this semester, the Pancake Dinner was the Thetas’ largest on campus service event of the year.

Over 30 active members volunteered their time decorating, working the entry table, checking on people who were dining and making the pancakes.

“My favorite part of the event was having so many of my Theta sisters together at a service event,” Ward said.

“Normally it is smaller groups that go volunteer at Hope House or soup kitchen, and I really liked having a larger group.”

As people steadily entered to devour their pancakes, Thetas worked together to produce hot and ready pancakes through the evening.

“I made pancakes with other girls, and there was a team effort to make them,” Sydney Howard criminal justice and minor in forensic psychology said.

“Each job was different and worked perfectly to make the best pancakes. I thoroughly enjoyed the event because I got to eat one of my favorite breakfast foods with my favorite group of friends!” Howard said.

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The Pancake dinner allowed for more than $300 to be raised in just a few hours for Destiny Rescue.

“Last semester we did a Change for Change coin drive for almost two weeks, and we didn’t raise as much as what we did this year at the Pancake Dinner in just a matter of hours,” Keeter said.

“We are so thankful for everyone who came and donated to Destiny Rescue.”

Fellowship, music and conversation were flowing just like the maple syrup.

“The Thetas did a great job cooking delicious food for a great cause,” Tanner Lewis junior ministry major said.

For anyone who missed the Pancake Dinner event you can still make a donation to the Thetas or donate directly to Destiny Rescue at their website.

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