OBU awards Harvest Court Winners

Payton Clark, Assistant News Editor

The votes are in, and the 2016 Harvest Queen, King and their court have been chosen.

Saturday, Nov. 12, winners of the Harvest Court elections were presented during halftime of the homecoming football game against Southern Nazarene University.

Of the 18 nominees, there were 6 winners in the categories of Most Servant like Man and Woman, Best Overall Man and Woman, and King and Queen.

Among the winners were Levi Phillips and Emma Patton (Most Servant Like), Caleb Compton and Lauren Ledbetter (Best Overall), and Truett Ross and Karis Johnson (King and Queen).

Harvest Court winners were announced during the homecoming football game. Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison

“I’ve loved my time at OBU, and I feel like this made me realize how I’m such a small part of such a large family that I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of,” 2016 Harvest Queen winner Johnson said.

Johnson was nominated along with many other seniors by their fellow classmates.

“I was shocked that my peers nominated me for this,” Johnson said.

“I definitely don’t think I deserve this title more than anyone else, so I’m just thankful that I’m able to represent my class in this way. Also, it was really nice to finally prove to my mom that I made friends in college.”

Harvest King winner Ross believes that being nominated for the court alone by one’s peers is exceptional.

“To be chosen for the court is an honor in of itself,” Ross said. “The very fact that other people on campus notice and care to nominate you as a leader is truly incredible.”

Ross is grateful to have been nominated with such awesome classmates.

“Even more, to be nominated next to two genuinely great guys like Blake Randolph and Gage Johnson is even more humbling,” Ross said.

“Seriously, both men are strong in their faith, are undeniably solid students in the classroom, and they both directed CAB shows this year.”

Johnson believes that the experience of participating in the Harvest Court tradition has been very special.

“It’s hard to describe what I’ve gained from this experience. It’s amazing to me how long the tradition of Harvest Queen has been standing, almost 100 years, and

I’m so humbled to become part of this tradition,” Johnson said.
Ross believes that the experience has proven the value of friendship with his fellow OBU classmates.

“Overall, this experience has shown me how great my friends really are,” Ross said.

“I cannot count the number of congratulations from fellow students or the number of text messages and snaps I’ve received teasing me about the win too.”

Harvest Court nominees were participated in many events leading up to homecoming weekend, including pictures and a banquet.

“All nominees were given the opportunity to take pictures with their friends and other individuals who made an impact on us during our time on campus,” Ross said.

“There was a formal dinner the night before the football game [in which] all nominees were given the opportunity to invite their close family and friends.”

The Harvest Court banquet provided nominees to spend time with each other as well as with their family and friends. Alumni were also given awards.

“Being a nominee, I was asked to invite my family to join me for a wonderful dinner on the Friday of homecoming week,” Johnson said.

“We enjoyed the evening by hearing from other nominees and their experiences at OBU while watching a slideshow of pictures that we all took leading up to the week.”

In his experience with Harvest Court, Ross mostly enjoyed the time spent with family and friends over the homecoming weekend.

“I really enjoyed having my family in town for the dinner and the football game,” Ross said.

“They were extremely supportive and encouraging throughout. I was excited to win, but in all honesty, you just can’t beat the excitement of my family and friends.”

Among Johnson’s favorite parts of being in Harvest Court was being nominated with friends, and the tiara she won.

“The tiara was pretty enjoyable, but my husband won’t let me wear it anymore,” Johnson said.

“Honestly, I had some really good friends also nominated for Harvest Court, one being my husband, and I loved sharing this experience with people I consider family. What an awesome way to end my time here!”

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