Homecoming recognizes 2016 Harvest Court

Mikaleh Offerman, News Editor

King Nominees

Blake Randolph
Major: Biblical Studies and Philosophy
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Eventually, he wants to attend graduate school and become a professor.
He is the religion coordinator at the Student Success Center, a current co-chair of Chapel Crew, a member of CAB, current member of Philosophy club and a former RA in Agee.
He has been most impacted relationally by his best friends and roommates.

“Academically, [I’ve been influenced] by the faculty of the Hobb’s College, and spiritually by both of the former, coupled with a vigorous Christian community on campus,” he said.

To students, he advises them to stay present.

Gage Johnson
Major: Bible
Hometown: Seminole, Okla.
Johnson and his wife, Karis, intend to move to North Carolina so that he can attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall.

He has been involved in residential life and Campus Activities Board.

Dr. Kelly, religion professor, has impacted him deeply. Resident Director Francis Edwards has also influenced Gage.

“He and his wife, Holly, have invested in my wife and I,” he said. “I hope to imitate him in his loving and humble attitude as a father, as well as his intensity as a leader.”

He encourages students to be a “yes” man and get involved in campus.

Truett Ross
Major: Comm. Studies
Hometown: Edmond, Okla.

Ross has been involved in Student Government Association, Lambda Chi Lambda, Student Development Committee, Bison Glee Club and Lambda Chi Eta. The people around him have impacted him the most.

“Teachers like Dr. Kelly and Dr. Ellis have taught me how my faith should influence my studies and future career,” he said. “However, the students I talk to on a daily basis are the ones who impact me the most.

Queen Nominees

Abby Campbell
Major: Elementary Ed.
Hometown: Fletcher, Okla.

After graduation, she intends to find a position teaching anywhere between grades 4 through 8.

“I would love to stay in Oklahoma and teach, but I am prepared to go wherever God sends me,” she said.

Campbell’s involvement has been Kappa Phi Beta, Canterbury Team, Howard House, the Student Success Center, intramural sports, Welcome Week, Kappa Delta Phi Education Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society and Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society.

She has been most impacted by OBU’s community, and she would encourage underclassmen to savor their time at OBU.

Gracie Perkins
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Col.
After graduation, she plans to move back to her hometown and study for the NCLEX

“Then starting a job hopefully as a women’s health nurse (labor and delivery/postpartum) or pediatric nursing in the Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs,” she said.

She has participated in JV volleyball her freshmen year, Women’s Leadership Conference team, intramural sports, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, CAB shows, Open Mic Nights, Student Nurses Association, GO trips and Welcome Week. To her, Welcome Week has had the largest impact on her during her time at OBU.

She would first advise students to have open minds and engage in conversation.

Karis Johnson
Major: Psychology: Pre-Counseling
From: Broken Arrow, Okla.
Her and her husband, Gage, are looking at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina.

Johnson has been involved in residential life and Campus Activities Board. She has been deeply impacted by residential life and Holly Edwards.

“I look up to her as a wife and a mom, and I think she has incredible leadership abilities that I aspire to imitate,” she said.

She encourages students to allow college to be a humbling experience.

Most Servant-Like Man Nominees

Houston Franklin
Major: Pastoral Ministry/ Biblical Language
From: Durant, Okla.

After graduation, he would like to find a position as a staff member at a church while taking online courses for seminary.

“I hope to be a minister to men and, in turn, to the family,” he said.

He has participated in intramural sports and residential life. He feels that his friends have impacted him the most while at OBU.

He would advise the men of OBU to live in Agee, at least for a year.

“Keep your door open,” he said. “Get to know the guys on your hall. Those are going to be your best friends all throughout college. Don’t be afraid to come out of your shell and get to know more people.”

For everyone else, he encourages them to find a way to be involved.

Jeffrey Jolly
Major: Psych Pre-counseling
From: Allen, Texas

He would like to receive his masters in marriage and family therapy, and has been involved in the Canterbury team member Lambda Chi Lambda, Welcome Week and has been a student church relations committee member.

Dr. Kelly has impacted him the most.

“He has challenged me in my thinking and the value that I place on scripture,” he said.

He would encourage students to be involved.

Levi Phillips
Major: Sports ministry
From: Wynnewood, Okla.

After he graduates, he would like to be a recreation pastor at a church or non-profit organization.

He has been part of UCS and Serve Shawnee, Omega Chi Delta, Club Basketball, Welcome Week and CAB.

Professor Paul Donnelly has impacted him the most.

“He allowed my learning capabilities to be broadened in such a way that I can now see the world through the lens in which Christ intended,” he said.

“I will be able to enter society after graduation with a mindset that is more diverse and Christ centered.”

He advises students to embrace OBU for all of it’s worth.

Most Servant-Like Woman Nominees

Beth Clark
Major: Elementary Ed.
From: Three Forks, Montana

After graduation she wants to teach in Oklahoma. While at OBU, she has participated in Bisonette Glee Club, Prayer for the Nations, Climbing Club, Hope House, band, OBU’s production of Susannah, Professional Oklahoma Educators; Welcome Week and intramural sports.

She has been most impacted by her professors.

“I would specifically like to thank Dr. Vernon for his constant stewardship to the Bisonettes, other students and I,” she said.

“His constant encouragement and Christ-like example have been one of the biggest influences to me while on this campus.”

She advises underclassmen to find time to rest.

Emma Patton
Major: Comm. Studies
From: Oklahoma City, Okla.

She is applying for graduate school and intends to pursue a masters degree in urban planning.

“Leaving OBU will be so bittersweet, but I am excited for the next adventure too,” she said.

She has been involved in Welcome Week, The Bison, musical ensembles, Kappa Phi Beta, Communication Honors Society and was a member of News 30.

Currently, she is the EIC of the student newspaper.

She has been encouraged by her professors and her involvement, but mostly by Kappas.

Her advice to underclassmen is to practice being vulnerable with others.

“True friendship comes when we are willing to put skin in the game and share our hearts with one another,” she said.

Lauren Vela
Major: Family and Community Service
From: Durant, Okla.

She would like to get her masters degree and work with foster children. She has been part of the Student Success Center, Kappa Phi Beta and intramurals.

Many people have influenced her, but specifically her roommate Hannah Evans.

She advises students to live for the moment.

“My absolute favorite college memories and lessons from the Lord were in small seemingly insignificant moments that happen when you’re not expecting them,” she said.

Best All Around Man Nominees

Caleb Compton
Major: Exercise Physiology
From: Shawnee, Okla.

After graduation, he intends to accept a commission to be an Officer in the Marines.

While at OBU, he has been involved with residential life, GO Trips, disaster relief and intramurals. The opportunity to invest in really solid relationships with peers has impacted him the most.

To underclassmen, he encourages spontaneity.

“Late night T-Bell, Whataburger, etc. is always the right choice,” he said.

Chase Cheatwood
Major: Psychology: Pre-Counseling
From: Broken Arrow, Okla.

After graduation, he intends to be a full time student in OBU’s graduate Marriage and Family Therapy program.

He has been involved in Hope House and GO trips to Switzerland and Germany.

His wife, professors, friends and GO trip team have impacted him the most.
He would advise students not to write their civ papers the night before they’re due.

Cory McCalister
Major: Secondary Math Ed.
From: Midwest City, Okla.

He would like to be a math teacher and football coach after graduation. Also, he plans to get married in the near future.

He’s been involved in Omega Chi Delta, intramural sports and Welcome Week.

His relationships with others have impacted him the most.

“Whether they are good or bad, they help me better understand the person I want to be,” he said.

“My advice to underclassmen would be to avoid procrastinating, but also enjoy college. It is important to get good grades and manage time wisely, but it is also important to go out with friends and enjoy this chapter of your life.”

Best All Around Woman Nominees

Jordan Spencer
Major: Biochemistry
From: Fort Smith, Ark.

After graduation, she wants to attend medical school.

She has been part of Blitz Week Committee, Science Coordinator at Milburn Student Success Center, Bisonette Women’s Glee Club, ACS Science Club, Peer Mentor for the OBU Honors Program, Welcome Week, Student Coordinator of OBU GO Trip to Belize (Summer of 2016), Anatomy Lab TA, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society and the Salvation Army.

Many professors and students have impacted her including Dr. Edgar, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Vernon.

She would highly encourage underclassmen to take advantage of their time at OBU.

“Use the awkward moments as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new,” she said.

Katie Best
Major: Worship Arts
From: Norman, Okla.

After leaving OBU, she plans to attend seminary and enter the mission field.

She has participated in Bisonettes, University Chorale, True Voice, CAB, Intensive English Program and Canterbury.

People on campus have influenced her the most.

“Linda Perkins, Dr. Lilite, Dr. Chung, Dr. Ballweg and Dean Griffin are just a few who have made a huge impact on me and showed me the love of Christ in many ways,” she said.

To students, she encourages them to enjoy their time and use it wisely.

Lauren Ledbetter
Major: Psychology
From: Ardmore, Okla.

She would like to attend graduate school after graduation.

She has been involved in CAB, UCS, Psi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, intramural sports and the Success Center Go trips.

She has been most impacted by the people at OBU.

“I am so thankful for each of the dear people I have met and gotten to know,” she said.

She advises underclassmen to push themselves.

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