Fine Arts to present Showcase

Allison Jarboe, Arts Editor

Homecoming presents an environment of Bison pride and nostalgia, bringing memories of years past for alumni, and creating new memories for current students.

The Fine Arts Showcase, one such event, will be hosted at 8:30 p.m. November 11 in Potter Auditorium.

Dean of Fine Arts, Christopher Matthews, gave insight into the uniqueness of the evening and its presentation of multiple OBU music groups.


“The night will involve several of our student performing groups,” Matthews said. “This includes University Chorale, the Bison Glee Club, the Bisonette Glee Club, David’s Creed, 519 Collective, University Ringers, the Symphonic Winds, and the Bison Jazz Orchestra.”

Matthews spoke about others involved as well.

“In addition, retired professors Ron Lewis (organ) and Jim Brown (alma mater) will be assisting, as will Meagan Hill and Taylor Lasseigne from the Division of Communication Arts.”

Corey Fuller, professor of graphic design and chair on the division of art and design, summarized the event as “mostly a Division of Music event.”

It also displays a small presence from the Art & Design division,” he said.

Matthews elaborated on the mixed arts presence, stating where the art will be displayed.

“Prior to the event, Dr. Ben Shute and his wife, Anastasia, will be performing music in the lobby of Raley,” Matthews said. “This is where several pieces of art by our Art and Design faculty members will be on display.”

Many went in to the implementation of this event. Among these individuals is Samantha Medlin, director of alumni programs and special events at OBU.

“This is my first Homecoming in this position,” Samantha Medlin said.

Dean Matthews will experience this year’s Homecoming as his first in his position as well.

Matthews and Medlin both recognize the importance of displaying the talent of OBU’s fine arts programs.

“Our purpose is to provide a glimpse of all the great things our students are doing within the College of Fine Arts,” Matthews said.

Although alumni and guests will only experience a small taste of the musical and artistic talents of OBU students, those involved are hopeful that the experience will cultivate pride and enjoyment.

“Of course, time and venue won’t allow us to show everything,” Matthews continued. “But hopefully our audience members will get some sense of the diversity and talent within our College. We have extraordinary students and fantastic faculty that together produce amazing works of creativity, and we want to showcase them, giving our alumni and guests reasons to be proud.”

As Medlin stated, “alumni, students and the entire OBU community as a whole, are invited to this event.”

Because of its bigger audience, the Fine Arts Showcase had much preparation beforehand.

“I met with all of our ensemble directors as the semester began,” Matthews said. “This was to discuss contributions each student group could offer to the program.

Matthews said that the overall involvement in the Fine Arts Showcase had a very broad reach.

“I think there are nearly 200 students who involved with help from over 25 faculty and staff,” he said.

As an event that cultivates community and shared experiences in the environment of arts, alumni attending and students involved can be sure to experience a night of OBU pride.

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