‘For King and Country’ tours in Shawnee

Alyssa Sperrazza & Morgan Smith, Bison Staff

*Review by Alyssa Sperrazza

Last Saturday evening was a night of music and worship in Shawnee.

The Christian worship band known as “For King and Country” performed Oct. 27th at the Firelake Arena at 7 p.m.

I’ve been a fan of “For King and Country” since they began, and it was really exciting to have them come to our small town of Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

Josh Smallbone, the brother to bandmembers Josh and Luke Smallbone, was also enthusiastic about the band’s presence in Shawnee.

for king and country by Alyssa.png
Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison 

“As we began to plan this fall tour, we wanted it to stretch across the country and reach markets that perhaps we don’t visit as often,” Josh said. “We are excited to be playing in Shawnee for the very first time, and we hope the audience experiences an evening of songs that will make them realize where their worth is founded.”

Carol M. Anderson, the band’s tour publicist, said “For King and Country” came to Shawnee at the invitation of one of the area’s local Native American tribes.

One of the goals of the tour is to promote the band’s first feature film, “Priceless.”

“The band has just released their film, ‘Priceless,’ into theaters nationwide, and this tour is to further take the ‘Priceless’ message to as many people as possible,” Josh said.

The arena was packed and the audience was really involved in the concert, which added to the experience. 

The band played hit songs like  “Proof of Your Love,” “Fix My Eyes,” and my personal favorite, “Priceless.” 

“The song selection is left up to the band, and they choose songs from both of their records, as well as debut new songs as they are released,” Josh said.

The most amazing part of the night though, was when they had us all turn our flashlights on and we sang “Amazing Grace.”

I would definitely go see them again whenever they come back to Oklahoma.

The band consists of the Australian-American brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone.

They were known as “Joel & Luke and Astoville” before stylizing themselves under their current moniker.

The Smallbone brothers were exposed to music at an early age, when their father, a music promoter, began taking them to concerts.

They started their careers as background singers for their sister, gospel singer Rebecca St. James.

They formed their own band when Luke was 19 and Joel was 21.

They have released two albums as “For King and Country”:  “Crave” and, most recently, “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.”

Their film, “Priceless”, stars Joel Smallbone as the lead character, James.

It tells James’s story as he embarks on a cross-country delivery in order to earn more money to regain custody of his daughter.

He discovers that he is delivering two young women.

When he falls in love with one of the women, he becomes an unlikely hero.

I think a lot of Christian movies, without meaning to, give off this cheesy vibe, but “Priceless” was absolutely incredible. 

The movie focuses on a really powerful message about a women’s worth and goes into some depth about the problem of human trafficking. 

I think the movie is going to particularly resonate with people in Oklahoma, since we are a main hub for traffickers. 

With our highway system that can take you anywhere in the country, it’s a huge transpiration route right through Oklahoma City. 

It’s hard to watch sometimes, knowing that this happens around you everyday, but I think it prompts a discussion and an awareness that needs to be shared. 

I would highly recommend seeing it.

Both the band’s concerts and their movie are worth the ticket prices.

Showtimes for Priceless:

Carmike Cinema Centre 8

3031 North Harrison Avenue

Today, and Thurs., Nov. 3:

5:20 p.m.    

8:15 p.m.

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