Climbers enjoy a spooky Halloween in the RAWC

Hannah Ledford, Contributing Writer

Oklahoma Baptist University students climbed into the Halloween spirit for the Late Night Costume and Climbing event.

The Recreation and Wellness Center (RAWC) was transformed into a Halloween theme.

Alena Blakley / The Bison 

The only light was emitted through varied colored lights located in the rock wall corner. 

The RAWC student supervisors who hosted this event provided climbers with many snacks and chances to climb the rock wall.

The hosts also dressed up for this event, supporting the Halloween theme, which is not the first event in its kind.

Former OBU student and RAWC student supervisor Jake Black put on a similar event for Halloween of 2014.

“He did this event when we were sophomores,” senior student supervisor Kevin Feamster said.

“We just saw the influence that it had and the influence Jake had on us being underclassmen,” he said. “It really drove us to want to have that influence on this younger generation of climbers.”

For the regular rock climbers at OBU, this event acted as a fun time of fellowship.

“The climbing wall at OBU is like a family,” senior student supervisor Emily Brooks said. 

“We’ve known each other since freshman year, and we all learned to climb together,” she said.

The climbers have expanded their family and opened up to the new freshmen on campus, like Jacob Cunningham.

“I’ve always wanted to try it,” Cunningham said. “When I came to OBU, I got the chance to actually do it.” 

This Halloween event and others like it provide chances for the current members to spend time with each other.

It also is a time to introduce and get to know new students and climbers. 

Feamster said rock climbing is not just a hobby, but an event to bring the members together. 

“Community is such an important part of what rock climbing is to us,” he said.

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