Global outreach team preps for mission trips

Morgan Smith, Faith Editor

OBU is midway through its fall semester, and some students already have plans to spend their J-term on Global Outreach (GO) trips.

For those who have not signed up for a J-term trip, but still feel the call to missions, the Global Outreach Center is still accepting applications for summer GO trips until October 27.

There will also be a trip to NewYork in the Spring.

Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison 

Dr. Joy Turner, the Director of Global Outreach, and Taylor McDannel, the logistics coordinator will be leading two of the J-term GO trips. Dr. Turner will lead a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, and McDannel will lead a trip to the Netherlands.

There will also be trips to China, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii and Panama.

“We’re about to start our fifth week of orientation for this semester for the J-term GO teams,” Dr. Turner said.

The goal of the orientations are to help students prepare spiritually and mentally for their mission trips, and the culture shocks they will encounter.

“When you travel, whether it’s in the United States or to another country that’s different from what you’re used to, there are adjustments that need to be made,” Dr. Turner said. “We talk about being flexible, and how to deal with conflict.”

The Netherland team will consist of three people, besides McDannel, and will focus on reaching out to Muslims.

The team has already started meeting.

“A lot of prayer for sure has to go into it:  praying for the trip itself, for the local workers that are there, as well as just for the Lord to move among that people group and draw many of them to Himself and give them dreams and visions,” McDannel said. “Without dreams and visions I’ve never heard of a Muslim coming to Christ.”

Dr. Turner said that it’s unclear what trips will be available this summer, as the number will depend on the number of applicants.

“For summer trips we’re trying to promote and talk to students and trying to answer any questions about what that might look like,” McDannel said. “We’ve already received close to 40 applications, if not more, but we need a lot more applications to come in the next two weeks.”

The Global Outreach Center has already started the interview process for applicants, and will continue with the interview process until the beginning of November.

“We’re looking for people who are teachable, show potential for leadership, that are actively growing in their faith, those are the main things we’re looking for,” Dr. Turner said.

Morgan Groves participated in a trip to Zambia last summer and said the meetings and orientations leading up to the trip were valuable preparations.

“While all of the training and preparation may seem overwhelming, it truly is designed to prepare and equip people to go and share the Gospel and make disciples,” Groves said. “It is so worth the time and commitment.”

While preparing for trips, the Global Outreach Center also communicates with fieldworkers.

“Obviously commitment to safety and security is high, that’s why we do that as part of the training at the orientation,” Dr. Turner said. “We keep track of what’s going on in the world and also the people we work with on the field, if something changes in their context they let us know that and we make adjustments accordingly.”

Spiritual growth is also important when committing to a GO trip.

“Spiritually I think the biggest thing is to continue pursuing Christ wholeheartedly and just digging deep into what the Gospel is and what that means, because if we don’t know that ourselves then how can we share it with others,” McDannel said.

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