Brushes and Brews brings students together

Payton Clark, Assistant News Editor

What’s a better excuse to ask someone on a TWIRP date than to get a night of free coffee and painting?

Last Thursday, SGA put on the second Brushes and Brews event from 6 to 8:30 pm in the Lower GC.

brushesandbrews by Alena.jpg
Alena Blakley / The Bison 

Students were invited to bring their TWIRP dates and friends to enjoy a night of free coffee provided by Chartwells and step-by-step OBU-themed painting taught by fellow students.

Around 100 people attended the event.

“We always have one different painting on a canvas that someone will make and then the students will come and are taught by a teacher step by step of how to make that painting but on their own canvas,” head of the SGA Events Committee Abigail Hagans said.

Thursday’s event was different than the first Brushes and Brews last year, with more teachers and opportunities for more participants.

“This year we had three different sections in the GC and three different teachers, Sarah Gilstad, Zach Trosper and Tyra Givings,” Hagans said. “Having more sections really helped keep everything more organized and the teachers were able to help more of the students.”

According to senior communication studies major and SGA senator Truett Ross, the changes made were meant to make the event more personable and memorable for all.

“Instead of one artist to assist students we used three. Instead on three room long tables, we created three personal painting areas,” Ross said.

“We wanted people to walk away with new memories made with their friends as well as new friends they met that night.”

The event was inspired by a similar painting event held during Homecoming week in 2014.

“Brushes and Brews got started after a painting event Holly Edwards did a couple of years ago during Homecoming,” Hagans said. “I decided it was a great idea and should be an event offered to students every year so we modified it a bit and have loved putting it on every year.“

In a week with the stress of Midterms and finding a TWIRP date, Hagans said she believes Brushes and Brews was a good way to relax.

“It is a fun event that gives you a break from homework, studying, or writing papers,” Hagans said. “It’s refreshing to do something creative for a couple of hours and it gives your mind a break.”

Ross agreed that events like Brushes and Brews are important to bring students together in times of hectic schedules and stress.

“It was created by Abi Hagans last year as an OBU event to bring the entire community together for a relaxing, enjoyable evening,” Ross said. “There is so much going on mid semester, it’s important to have, amongst the business, a time where you can sit down and remember what makes this school so great- the people.”

While SGA sponsors the event, it is their events committee that had the biggest role in planning Brushes and Brews, along with the help of Chartwells.

“SGA’s event committee is in charge of putting it on,” Hagans said. “I am the Head of the committee and then Truett Ross, Casey House, Dasia Givings, Ben Burke, Taylor Hanska, Alyssa Fluke, Zach Fisher, and Megan Kalinowski are a part of the committee and help plan [events like Brushes and Brews].”

SGA hopes that Brushes and Brews will become a campus event that will continue for years to come.

“That’s the goal,” Ross said. “We hope this make this night of good coffee, music, and painting a tradition to be followed year after year.”

Hagans especially enjoys Brushes and Brews because of the unity it brings to students, and the potential it has to be continued.

“This is one of my favorite events because it is something different at OBU that is still making its way to becoming tradition,” Hagans said. “All of the students come together to make a painting and they get to take it home with them.”

Being led by students is something that is unique about Brushes and Brews.

“It is special because the event is led by other OBU students and we all get to do this together,” Hagans said.  “I sure hope this event will be carried out through SGA for many years.”

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