Students create OBU coloring book

Allison Jarboe, Arts Editor

Courtesy Photo / Ashton Cossey 

OBU’s Art Club recently hosted a successful night for the creation of an OBU coloring book.

The event took place on Thursday, October 6, in the Art Building.

“It was a great night of snacks and art,” said senior art and graphic design major Zac Trosper.

“We had about 15 people there, creating content for the book, and we had a slideshow going of ideas that some other people had already made,” Ashton Cossey, sophomore graphic design major and one of Art Club’s leaders, said.

“We had a list up on the board of ideas involving OBU that people could take inspiration from if they wanted,” she continued. “We got some snacks and made coffee for everyone, then about an hour in Zac Trosper took the people into the computer lab and showed everyone how to scan photos into illustrator. Then everybody was just kind of sketching out ideas and eating and it was a really chill but fun atmosphere.”

The knowledge that Trosper shared with the attendees was beneficial in demonstrating how to bring art onto an electronic platform. “We taught how to vectorize original artwork (illustrations and calligraphy)—“ Trosper commented, “—so they could go a step further in customizing artwork online.” Abigail Meredith, sophomore studio art and creative writing major, co-leader of the Art Club, shared about the experience attendees had during the coloring book night.

“We had music going the whole time,” she said. “The food was well eaten and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.” Meredith also included that Dr. Litherland, a former OBU professor of political science and current ownder of a ceramic art business, attended the event. “He doubled the drawings,” Meredith said.

“Some people did art on the computer as well,” she said. “We definitely have enough to make a coloring book, but people can still draw and submit pages for it if they contact us about their submissions or want to get involved.”

Meredith ended by saying that the night was a success, and promoted the next event.

“It ended at 10 without a hitch,” she said. “The next night is pumpkin painting night and that will happen after fall break.”

Since its recent revival, Art Club has already begun to make a positive impact on the OBU community for those who appreciate art.

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