Stories of OBU: Grow and cultivate yourself

Lia Hillman, Features Editor

Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison

“I could have never thought that my time spent here would be so transforming and cultivating,” Kaleb Miears said.

Miears is currently studying and working at Oklahoma Baptist University as a religion major with an emphasis on biblical studies.

“I am a senior, working part time to finish my last 18 hours while working full-time as an admissions counselor,” he said.

His first experience with OBU was attending Super Summer during his sophomore year of high school.

“I loved the campus, and the people that I met who attended OBU really showed me the love of Christ and portrayed the fantastic community of OBU,” he said.

Miears said that the call to ministry and his love for theology was the deciding factor on attending OBU.

“Knowing OBU had a solid program for biblical studies and feeling God call me here was what ultimately brought me here,” he said.

Beginning college at OBU, Miears said he quickly realized he had a lot to learn.

“I entered OBU as a know-it-all high school graduate,” he said. “I quickly understood that I did not know it all, and some of my views we skewed.”

He said one of the most eye opening experiences was learning the severity of racial tension and the blindness he had to white privilege.

“God grew me to understand how to support my minority brothers and sisters with love and compassion in a time when it is needed most,” he said.

Miears grew up around Lawton, Okla. before attending Oklahoma Baptist University.

“We lived in the country and owned a blue collar business,” he said.

“Work ethic and sweat from hard work were two values portrayed as important early on in my life.”

Miears said he has been blessed to be very cultured growing up.

“My dad’s family was from Austin, which gave me a look at an unusual world of art, music and lifestyle,” he said.

“Overall, I guess you could pin me down as a good ole’ Oklahoma boy who thoroughly enjoys the nuances of culture.”

Miears said his biggest hobby is music, and he especially enjoys listening to hip-hop.

“I love music in general,” he said. “Searching for new albums that are beautifully crafted and have a message is a passion of mine.”

His love of music has transferred over to playing the bass guitar, which he has done for numerous CAB shows.

Because he is working full time as an admissions counselor, he isn’t involved in much on campus activities. He is, however, involved with the Welcome Week steering committee.

“He worked really hard for three years on the committee to welcome the new students in well, lead out on our campus and to show Christ to all he interacted with,” steering committee member Gracie Perkins said.

“I was blessed to work with him as a partner and to lead along side him.”

Miears said his favorite part of OBU is Welcome Week.

“It is such a great point of transitions for new students, and a fun opportunity for current students to invest in new students,” he said.

“But that chapter of my life will come to a close this semester.”

Miears said he has enjoyed his OBU experience as a student.

“It has been the biggest surprise of my life,” he said.

“I mean that in the most positive way I can portray it.”

He said he has met his life-long friends and has been trained well to leave and impact the kingdom of God.

Miears said his direct plan after graduation is to be on the OBU admissions team for three years.

“Having such a wonderful experience makes my job as an admissions counselor easy, being able to communicate with prospective students what a formative place OBU is,” he said.

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