Sarah Combes, Contributing Writer

hipster night by Alena.JPG
Alena Blakley / The Bison

Thurs., Oct. 6 saw Sigma Tau Delta’s fall semester Hipster Night, a gathering celebrating friends, fun and all things hipster.

“Hipster Night is designed to be a laid back, chill, hipster environment,” said Sigma Tau Delta President Elyse Kusakabe about the goal of Hipster Night.

Sigma Tau Delta, OBU’s chapter of the national English Honor Society, hosted Hipster night last week as a fundraiser to help its members pay their way to the National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky this year.

Noah Golaboff, a long-time member of Sigma Tau Delta, kicked off the Spooky Hipster Night with a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem “The Raven.”

“We tied in the Halloween theme this year with our décor and snacks,” said Kusakabe about the “spooky” theme.

“Some of the members even came in costume!”

Along with student-to-student fellowship, there were many poems read by members and non-members alike, and even some who came prepared to entertain those in attendance with live music.

Some attendees explained why they thought Hipster Night was such a beloved event.

“I think people like it because they don’t have to worry about how they look,” Jonathan Dent said.

“They can come as they are and not feel out of place.”

Sigma Tau Delta’s mission is to promote literature and literacy to anyone who may listen.

Hipster Night follows this goal by allowing students to come recite and listen to poetry written by artists who are well-known classics and contemporary writers. Students were also encouraged to bring their own works to be read at the event.

“My favorite part was the poetry readings,” Kusakabe said. “So many people were so exacted to share classics and originals!”

Among the poems read, Trudy Hammons recited a piece honoring the victims of the Orlando, Florida shootings that happened earlier this year. Hammons wrote the poem herself and it is titled “June 12, 2016: A Part of Me Died Today.”

The event has gained support.

“I loved Hipster Night! I walked in and everything was really laid back, what with the dimmed lights and chill music,” Hammons said.

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