Mikaleh Offerman, News Editor

greek olympics by Alena.JPG
Alena Blakley / The Bison 

“This week really provided a time for Greek life to do some things together as a whole, and I enjoyed that,” president of Kappas Abby Campbell said.

This past week, OBU’s social clubs competed in the Greek Life Olympics (GLO). The events were organized by junior Omega Tyre Terry and senior Lambda Clay Mattox.

“The idea came from the fact other universities do similar competitions,” Mattox said. “I wanted a way to bring the clubs together in friendly competition. We ended the week with a unity night with just music and s’mores on Sarkey’s lawn. It was a fun way to relax all together.”

Some of the challenges of the week were weather. The discus event was rescheduled because of lightning and rain storms.

“Those challenges that we had were actually good for us in the long run,” Terry said. “We now know what will and will not work for next year. One of the major things that [Mattox] and I talked about was having a committee for GLO for the years to come, because this was too much work for two people to plan out by themselves.”

Points were assigned to every event.

“Teams were based on brother sister pairs,” Mattox said. “Some events were co-ed some were men’s division and women’s division.”

Kappas and Omegas, Thetas and Lambdas and Sigma Phi and Betas were the competing teams. Monday, Oct. 3, kicked off the events with Slip and Slide Kickball followed by an egg toss. Sigma Phis and Betas were the winners of the slip and slide event and they also won the egg toss.

“The best part for me is watching other people participate and really enjoy the events throughout the week,” Mattox said.

Tuesday, the Omegas won a ping pong tournament and Thursday, Lambdas and Thetas were the champs of mud volleyball, which was held at FaithCo church off of Highway 177. As well as mud volleyball, Greek life members participated in a discus throwing contest. By the middle of the week, Betas and Sigma Phis were in the lead with Kappas and Omegas close behind.

Throughout the week, clubs worked on making chariots for the chariot race on Friday. Each chariot was different, and some were better made than others. One person rode inside of the chariot while several others pulled it twice around the Oval. During the race, the Omega chariot fell apart, but they valiantly kept going. If the club was large enough, they were allowed to have two chariots racing, such as the Lambdas who used a modified shopping cart and mini fridge with wheels. Because they had to set up for the annual Barn Dance, the Sigma Phis did not participate in the chariot race, but their brother club, Betas raced hard for the both of them.

Kappas and Betas pulled through and took the win for the chariot race.

“My favorite moment was probably in the last leg of the chariot race,” Kappa president Abby Campbell said. “I was sitting in the chariot and my shins were digging into the seat from the way I was sitting. Kayla [Thompson] and Bri [Burnett] were pulling the chariot, and I made the comment that “the faster you guys get to the finish, the sooner I can get out…” They were like, “we’re trying Abby, but we’re so exhausted!” They had already had to pull me once, and we couldn’t help but just laugh,” she said. “Also, Anna Arrington had joked about putting my face on the chariot… I thought she was kidding… but that was a funny surprise, and reminded me that if Anna says she’ll do something she does it.”

The week was brought to a close on Saturday with a relay race on the intramural fields during halftime which the Sigma Phis and Omegas won.

Points were added up and the Kappa and Omega team were presented with the winning trophy.

“The point of these games are not to divide the different social clubs, but to unite them and to show this campus that we may be different clubs, but we all have and serve the same purpose, but we may go about it in different ways,” Terry said.

There are plans to make the Greek Olympics an annual event.