A Tale of Two Twirps

Two Bison staffers offer their perspective over the reverse dating week.

Andrew Thomsen, Assistant Features Editor 


TWIRP (The Woman Is Required To Pay) Week puts the women into the typical guy’s role of a date, and often leaves both genders confused and nervous. 

One thing that makes this so difficult for everyone is the fact that it pushes people out of their comfort zones. 

To begin with, TWIRP is supposed to be an opportunity for the ladies to show guys what a girl would like on a date.

The girls can plan different ways to have an enjoyable evening, without necessarily breaking the bank. 

However, many times, the girl is trying to build a future relationship with her TWIRP date, and this is where it becomes difficult for a guy. 

Most girls ask a guy on a TWIRP date because they are really crushing on him, and they are hopeful for an ongoing, exclusive relationship that further leads to a ring, house and two-point-five kids.

Because of the girl’s high hopes, it really backs the guy into a corner.  The guy probably does not want to crush the girl’s sprits by declining, but likewise does not want to lead her on by accepting.

Since most girls put so much stock into TWIRP dates, these seem to be the only two options for guys that do not have a mutual interest to a romantic capacity, but either way it goes, the guy becomes the “bad guy” in the situation. 

Most guys will go ahead and accept – with a looming fear.

The guy is now out of his comfort, because he is supposed to just go along with the plans that the girl has made (or haven’t made).

Guys, who typically want to be in control or are typically expected by society to be in control, are left powerless and in the dark. 

Now, this might actually be beneficial for some over-controlling guys to be forced to take a seat and allow someone else to have charge for a bit, but it does not change the discomfort that many guys are forced to endure while having to just go along with the date planned for them. 

Yes, TWIRP Week and TWIRP dates can be very uncomfortable for many who are involved, but the discomfort is not reason enough to avoid or discredit the week.

The only way to truly grow is to face some an unknown. TWIRP Week gives challenges and makes so many people uncomfortable, but there are so many learning opportunities.

Such learning opportunities include having a better understanding of what a person has to go through and think about when planning a date. 

There are countless other learning opportunities through TWIRP Week. But mostly, it removes people from the comfortable, forcing them to see things through different eyes.

So, despite the awkward discomfort that everyone experiences during it, TWIRP Week can provide opportunities to help individuals learn and grow outside of their comfort zones.

5 TWIRP Tips From a Guy

• Do not invest all of your emotions and hopes into the TWIRP Date.

• Try to show guys what they should try on dates that they go on throughout the other 51 weeks of the year.

• If there is not already a super strong friendship, double or group dating is best for everyone.

• Think “fun” not “romantic” when planning what to do.

• Have plans so you aren’t trying to figure out what to do next, but give some flexibility; don’t make the date too structured.

And from a female perspective…


Alena Blakley, Assistant Photographer

TWIRP: From a girl’s perspective (I give props to boys because having to have this pressure all the time would be exasperating), this week can be exhausting.

Why? Because it is scary and new. And scary.

Hearts are pounding, hands are shaking and palms sweating; it’s the one and only week of the year that can cause those feelings to evolve: TWIRP Week.

There’s something about asking a boy on a date that changes the whole dynamic of a relationship.

Do I ask him, or him, or the kid who sits behind me in General Chemistry?

Or I could even ask the cute guy who sits next to me in chapel every Wednesday.

The options are endless, but so is the amount of fear that comes with asking a boy.

Even though we are all strong women who are independent and self-sufficient, the idea of being in the driver’s seat for initiating a date is daunting.

To get the worst part out of the way, let’s discuss the cons of TWIRP Week.

The first con is that if you like the boy you ask on a TWIRP date, then he knows you like him; however, If you don’t like the boy, and you’re just asking him as friends, then he thinks you like him.

Either way, the mere question now assigns a boatload of implications that just did not exist before.

Maybe the person you are asking has no idea that you exist.

This can make things real awkward between you and well – everyone.

A less dramatic con is that you have to pay for a date.

This may be the first and possibly last time in a dating scenario where you pay for a date.

Even though this (paying for a date) seems pretty fair in the scheme of things, one must plan for that financial facet.

The last con is that he may say no.

There are pros of TWIRP Week.

It’s a great story for the grandchildren. One day they’ll ask how you and their grandpa started dating.

Imagine beginning the conversation talking about TWIRP Week.

You may also possibly get a boyfriend out of this whole ordeal.

Or not.

You get to hang out with someone that you truly care about for a small time period without any interruptions.

Who knows, you could even have fun.

Either way you choose to spin it, asking a guy on a TWIRP date is never a mistake.

It becomes a chance for you to grow as a person and step out of your comfort zone and it also gives him the chance to go on a date without paying.

Girls, get your boys, and TWIRP them fast. You don’t want to leave college without having this experience!

5 TWIRP Tips from a Girl

• Do not send a TWIRP invitation via mail. He may not check his mail until after TWIRP week, or he could lose it before he opens it.

• Be brave. Asking a guy only takes 30 seconds of bravery and courage, and then it’s over.

• Ask someone that you are good friends with. That way it’s fun.

• When asking, maintain eye contact and smile. It shows him that you really want to go with him.

• When he says “yes,” say, “Okay cool” and celebrate when he leaves.

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