Students gather for See You at the Pole

by Madison Weddle, Assistant Faith Editor

A crowd of college students huddled together around a flag pole in the brisk temperatures of a fall morning doesn’t exactly make a person think “world changing,” but that’s exactly what it is; on Wednesday September 28th students of Oklahoma Baptist University gathered together at the flag pole to pray.

Luke Jarboe, a junior and physics major, attended the event at 7:00 a.m. that morning.

Creative Commons

“It was an early morning, but in spite of that there were quite a few students there, and that was really encouraging to see,” Jarboe said.

The meeting at the pole started earlier than most college students would care to be awake, even for the second start at 8:00 a.m.

Meeting at the pole that morning was intended to serve as support for those praying at flag poles on high school campuses.

There were many prayers among participants for their previous high schools.

“I just love the heart for prayer that is ever growing at our university,” said Jarboe.

The group was originally supposed to pray for Shawnee and other See You at the Pole gatherings around America, but began to branch out into issues close to the students’ hearts, leading them to pray things like “Lord, we want to turn back to you; we want to see you do work on our campus; we want to see people come to know Jesus.”

Prayers for the benefit of the town or high school students around the nation really have the power through God to change the world.

Dean of Ministry, Dale Griffin, started the prayer as faculty members typically do at these events, but left students to continue on with the pleas in their hearts without interfering, offering a great opportunity for them to pray united.

As Jarboe said, “I love to be able to stand there with other followers of Jesus to just lift up the name of the Lord and praise Him.”

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