Canterbury moves to a new venue

Canterbury will no longer be vagabonding across campus. Now, the Ritz Theater will host the longstanding worship event for the community.

by Morgan Smith, Faith Editor

Every other Thursday night, worship services have been taking place on campus. Finally, Canterbury will be meeting at a different location.

Bailey Byers, Sydnie Randolph and A.J. Lopez play on the steps of Raley for last week’s Canterbury service. Alena Blakley / The Bison 

The next Canterbury will take place at the Ritz Theater in downtown Shawnee, at 10 West Main Street.

Sydnie Randolph is a sophomore family and community services major, and part of the Canterbury team.

She said that the team has been looking for a new building since last fall.

“We have been all over the place, but haven’t found a permanent location until now,” Sydnie said. “We are so excited to be having Canterbury in downtown Shawnee because it goes back to the roots of what Canterbury was started for.”

Canterbury was started over 10 years ago, with the hopes of involving the community.

The worship service used to take place at an old church called True Vine, but was forced to relocate to the campus when another organization began using the venue.

“Having Canterbury at OBU made it really convenient for students who couldn’t or didn’t want to drive anywhere, but it’s just not the same without the ministry aspect of it,” said Jacob Jolly, another member of the Canterbury team. “We’re really excited to use that new space to bring the Gospel to downtown and ultimately glorify his name.”

Jacob said the team has been in prayer for a new venue since it lost the use of True Vine.

“Connelly and Audra, our co-chairs, were looking all around Shawnee for a space that was available for us to use, and they found the theater,” he said. “God definitely provided for us.”

With Canterbury taking place off campus, Jacob said the team hopes the event will gain a larger presence in the Shawnee community.

“Canterbury is going to be an open door service in the theater, meaning anyone can come,” Jacob said. “We really want to reach out to the homeless population of Shawnee and be a light for them.”

However, the team still wants Canterbury to remain accessible to students.

“We want this to be a getaway from the campus for the students and a safe place for the community,” Sydnie said. “Ultimately, Canterbury’s goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship and fellowship.”

Both Jacob and Sydnie said that members of the Canterbury team have no specific positions; they all play a role in the service in some way.

The team sets up for the service on Thursdays.

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