Students launch Art Club revival

Allison Jarboe, Arts Editor

The Art Club is back, and is presenting itself with clear organization, free coffee and high hopes for the future.

Thursday Sept. 22 at 8:00 p.m., the first meeting for reviving Art Club happened in the art building. Ashton Cossey, Zac Trosper and Abigail Meredith are the club’s leaders, and were pleased with the first meeting’s good turnout.

Free coffee and hand-baked snacks were provided and enlightening discussion followed.

Cossey, co-leader of Art Club and sophomore graphic design major, explained the principles behind the club.

“We both wanted to give people a chance to enjoy art without really being a major or minor in the art program,” Cossey said. “We also want to give a chance to art majors and minors to kind of just hang out and have fun with other artists and have fun events involving art outside of the classroom.”

Cossey explained that during the meeting the leaders shared their vision for Art Club and the attendees gave their input and ideas.

Trosper, senior and co-leader of Art Club, stated said the club is looking forward to this year to “ramp up” the art club presence and collaboration with other clubs on campus.

“We want people to know you don’t have to be an art or design major to be a part of this community,” he said.

The club welcomes everyone who appreciates all parts of design, from painting, to sculpture, to flower arrangements and interior decor.

At the meeting, Cossey talked about wanting Art Club to be a way for art students and creative people alike to come together and work with each other. He talked about planning work days where students can come do homework together or simply create art for fun.

Meredith, sophomore studio art and creative writing double-major, spoke about wanting Art Club to have a presence on campus.

“I want to plan events,” Meredith said. “At least one field trip and one on campus event a semester, and I want this club to be a way for people to geek out about art together.”

Trosper described the events that the art club will be planning this semester.

“The first event is a coloring book page creation night which the artwork created that night will be used in an OBU coloring book to be sold in a business students class project,” he said. “We think it’s a great way to connect outside of the art building with students of other majors and donate our talent to a worthwhile endeavor. The second event is a pumpkin carve-and-color. This event is a fun time to let the creative juices flow into a medium given once a season.”

No official dates have been set as of this time, but the club is planning on meeting every other week or twice a month.

“Julie Blackstone [assistant professor of art] also attended,” Meredith said. “She talked about the J-Term New York trip that is happening, and also mentioned the idea of having an art auction as a way to earn money for both the art club, and in support of senior art student shows.”

Senior art students are often given a small stipend to help pay for their exhibition, and Art Club hopes to be a part of supporting them.

“She wanted a way for art students to reap the benefits of their labor,” Meredith said.

“We hope to continue Art Club for the rest of the years that we are here,”Cossey shared, “And pass it on to other art students who want to lead it.”

Trosper concluded by explained his thoughts on art and its occupational facets.

“Each artistic discipline out there has a lesson to learn and can impact a student’s aesthetic,” he said.

“As a club, we like to introduce these disciplines to continue the out-of-the-box thinking required to be a great designer or artist.”

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