Social clubs give back with “Chacos and Tacos”

Monday night, OBU students sported their hiking sandals while indulging on Mexican food in the Mabee Suite.

Sarah Combes, Contributing Writer

Monday night, OBU students sported their hiking sandals while indulging on Mexican food in the Mabee Suite.

Two social clubs held the second-ever “Chacos and Tacos” to raise money for charity.

Robert Lowery, a sophomore exercise physiology major, chomps down on a taco. Emma Patton / The Bison

The event, hosted by Kappa Phi Beta and Omega Chi Delta, brought in donations for the Salvation Army while also promoting student life on OBU’s campus.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to support our philanthropy, the Salvation Army, and let the student be a part of it,”  Kappa Phi Betta president Abby Campbell said.

The goal of the night was to allow students to help support the community along with Greek Life, and to channel students’ love of both Chacos and tacos into a fun-filled night of philanthropy.

The two Social Clubs planned this event knowing they would receive almost no profits of their own.

“30 percent of the money raised is being donated,” Omega’s member Nick Dingus said.

“How often do you get to support your community and eat tacos?”

The t-shirt and ticket sales constitute the 30 pecent of proceeds.

All other money raised was used to cover the cost of making food and t-shirts.

The fiesta, which was a big hit between the two social clubs last year, was open to the entire campus this year for just five dollars.

After another successful event, the clubs are hoping “Chacos and Tacos” will stick around as a tradition.

“We created this event last year between our brother club, the Omegas, and we [were] super excited to open it up to the entire campus,” Campbell said.

“We hope this can be something that continues every year and that those on campus come to look forward to it, too.”

The Omegas and Kappa Phi Delta said they feel that Greek Life is becoming more prevalent on campus and hope that events like ‘Chacos and Tacos’ continue to excite students all over campus.

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