by Andrew Thomsen, Assistant Features Editor

Student leaders are often thrown into the OBU spotlight, meaning they’re widely known but known deeply by few.

Such is the case for Student Government Association president, Hunter Doucette.

Hunter Doucette (right) hopes to become like his father (left) and make the world a better place. Courtesy Photo / Barbara Jackson

“It is an honor to have the position of SGA President, and it is not a responsibility I take lightly,” said Doucette.


While being well known for his position as SGA President, there is much more to Doucette that has shaped who he is.

Doucette grew up in Hanover, Pennsylvania as the youngest in his family, with two older sisters.

During this time, Doucette’s parents provided him with a strong foundation from which his faith would later build, he said.

While he points to Pennsylvania as the place where he grew up, Doucette attended Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) in Virginia.

Fuma is an all-boys boarding school, a place where Doucette says he changed immensely during his junior and senior year of high school.

“It is where I learned to love to read and write, have a passion for learning.” Doucette said.“More importantly, it was the place where I made my faith my own.”

Doucette said his boarding school friends and teachers influenced the way he views Christianity.

“It was the first time in my life where my classmates were strong in their faith,” he said.

“I remember my physics teacher, a former electrical engineer on Naval submarines, extending our devotional 30-45 minutes into class because it mattered more than anything we were going to cover that day.”

Doucette is now a junior at OBU, and is majoring in political science.

Even before he came, Doucette’s family had a presence at OBU.

One of Doucette’s two older sisters, Hannah, is currently studying early childhood education at OBU.

It was their father, however, that really led him to Shawnee.

“My dad went to OBU, graduated in 1989 and was also a political science major,” Doucette said.

“Hearing stories from his time at OBU and knowing the opportunities the university gave him, academically and to grow in his faith, influenced me greatly.”

Along with being involved in SGA, Doucette also runs cross-country and track for OBU.

While these campus activities take much of his time, he enjoys Facetiming his parents back home to stay in touch.

“I am a ‘mama’s boy’ and I owe a lot of who I am to her. She can do it all and is one of the most impressive women I’ve ever known,” Doucette said.

Doucette also enjoys hanging out with his friends when he has some down time.

His favorite course at OBU is Constitutional Law, which he is currently taking.

“I find the law to be so fascinating,” he said.

“I enjoy… discussing different theories of Constitutional interpretation and how that plays into interpreting the Constitution today.”

While Doucette has some ideas and goals for his future, he said that there is still quite a bit of uncertainty.

“After OBU, I plan on going to law school either in Virginia or somewhere in New England,” he said.

He said is his unsure about what type of law he wants to practice, but he knows he wants to be a public servant.

“I am passionate about public service and would like to create opportunities for others to be successful.”

As SGA Student Body President, Doucette wants to work to improve the university for the sake of the students.

“My vision, when it comes down to it, is help eliminate some of the stress put on students,” Doucette said. “If these issues can be resolved, I believe our retention rate will increase and students will have a better overall experience here.”

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