Global Outreach week is underway

By Morgan Smith, Faith Editor 

Mission work

Alyssa Sperrazza / The Bison 

is not only an important part of life at OBU, but it’s essential for the spreading the Gospel.

Every year, OBU takes a week to remind students of this.

GO Week kicked off Monday with the first chapel of the week. The campus’s Global Consultants, Ryan and Julie Bustler were the speakers.The theme of the week is “Unashamed” to remind students not to be ashamed of sharing the Gospel.

Throughout the whole week, there has been a prayer walk in the Geiger Center (GC) to show the need to proclaim the Gospel to other nations. There was also a “GO Fair” in the Geiger Center (GC) on Tuesday and Wednesday to promote this summer’s mission trips.

“The International Mission Board will be here to help us promote the vision for reaching the nations with the Gospel, and then some other organizations that will host tables during
the fair,” said Dr. Joy Turner, the Director of Global Outreach, prior to the fair.

Students and faculty who participated in GO trips last summer hosted tables and answered questions.

There was also an event called “Culture Exchange” on Tuesday evening. It took place outside the GC. Students were able to sample food from other cultures and meet with international students and faculty.

The Friday Chapel will feature a panel of students who have taken part in previous GO trips.

“Really the whole week is about drawing attention to God, and His purpose in the nations,” Dr. Turner said.

Turner said that this year’s GO trips include different locations than previous years, such as Ecuador. Whether or not students will be able to go on these GO trips depends on how many apply. A variety of locations offers a variety of experiences, Turner said. Students will have opportunities to spread the Gospel through music, work with orphans or church planting in the United States, among others.

Morgan Groves is one of the co-chairs for GO week with Tyler Curry.

“We’ve met with several people in the Spiritual Life office and Residential Office to put GO week together,” Morgan said.

This is Morgan’s first year to plan it. She went on a GO trip to Zambia, Africa last summer.

“In the past year the Lord has really put missions on my heart and that’s something I’ve been praying about, so when they asked I said yes,” she said. “I’m just really excited to get others excited about GO week.”

Morgan said that she hopes students recognize the need to share and be intentional about the Gospel.

She advices those who are considering a GO trip to pray before making a decision.

“Talk to people who have gone before and see what things they struggled with and listen to their stories,” Morgan said. “Really, just apply for a trip and start going through the process of it and the Lord will open and close doors as he wishes.

Dr. Turner said that she hopes students gain an awareness of OBU’s campus and the needs in the United States, and the rest of the world, during GO Week.

“Part of our mission statement at OBU is engaging a diverse world, and we really feel like this fulfills that part, and also integrating faith and knowledge,” she said.

Dr. Turner also asks people to pray and be open during the week.

“Prayer is obviously a key element in all of this,” she said.

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