Backstreet Biggie to premiere on Saturday

By Allison Jarboe, Arts Editor 

Screenshot 2016-09-15 22.36.51.png
Alena Blakely / The Bison

Solid denim outfits, boy bands, platform shoes and 90’s jokes. Should be fun, right?

This Saturday, September 17th, at 8 p.m. the Campus Activities Board (CAB) will present “Backstreet Biggie” at Potter Auditorium in Raley Chapel. Admission is free, and every student is encouraged to attend.

“The upperclassmen get to showcase their talents and bring in the school year with a bang!” said sophomore community and family science major, Sydnie Randolph.

“Biggie is different than other shows because it’s upperclassmen only. So the freshmen get to see what a CAB show is like and start thinking about what they want to do for Freshman Follies.”

Randolph also shared about her personal participation in Biggie this year.

“I’m in stage band. Which means we sing songs in between sets. The songs go with the theme, so we get to do really cool 90’s songs this year.”

Will Engle, junior communications major, will also be performing in the band.

“I am singing 3 songs, and there are other singers in the band as well as instrumentalists. We practice individually on our own time, and as a stage band, we practice once a week to begin with. But as it gets nearer to production week, we practice 3-4 times a week.”

Engle continued to expand on what preparation for CAB shows entails.

“The day before the production, we practice all together as a group, with every part of the show,” Engle said, “We try and run through it about three times, or until the directors feel that the show is performance-ready. The first run through, is just bare-bones, without costumes, and just piecing everything together. But by the last practice, we’re doing it how we’d do it the next day in front of the whole OBU community. This practice usually lasts from 5 p.m. to past midnight, sometimes 3 in the morning.”

Engle also explained one of the challenges of putting together a big production so soon in the semester.

“One of the biggest challenges of what we do is working together as a team.” Engle shared, “The band is awesome, and it’s important that everyone does their own part and is prepared before coming to group practices. If someone comes unprepared, then valuable practice time is wasted on one person who wasn’t familiar with the music yet. Things like this encourage everyone to grow and be responsible in their individual roles, and the band has really done a great job with the music.”

Randolph spoke on the importance of different roles that play into the performance.

“There’s a ton of different jobs in the show.” Randolph explained. “We have directors, set design, stage crew, props crew, costume crew, intermission crew, sound crew and emcees and acts. A lot of behind the scenes work goes on and everyone works super hard to make the show come together.”

Engle described the feeling of nervousness that many performers feel before the finished production is performed.

“Another challenge is just getting over nerves before the show begins,” Engle said. “Confidence is a huge factor, but by the time we perform, we’ve practiced so many times that we all feel comfortable with what we’re doing on stage.”

This year’s 90’s theme holds more intimate significance for the current generation of college students.

“Because it’s 90’s-oriented, I think it will hold a special meaning.” Engle said. “In my opinion, the theme of Biggie is really portrayed in the set, and in past years, it’s been the set that is a major factor of setting this theme apart from other CAB shows as it helps you visualize with the topic. I’m excited to see how the aura of the show’s theme will be portrayed.”

“You can look forward to some solid denim outfits, boy bands, platform shoes and 90’s jokes. should be fun!” Randolph said.

“It’s nostalgia—our childhood culture! The good ol’ days.” Engle said. “Last year, with Roarin’ Biggie, the 20’s theme was more historical, but Backstreet Biggie will be funny, reminiscent, and relatable.”

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